.timing is hard and waiting sucks.

We are currently in the middle of our second TWW (two-week wait) and it doesn’t seem to get any easier the second-time around. R is taking a much more relaxed approach to waiting this month. Last month’s wait was only days away from her comprehensive PhD exams, so she had a lot of stress external to the conception process. With comps behind her, she seems to be rising to the wait much better than yours truly. I’m constantly analyzing her every mood and grimace, but to this point there is nothing too out of the ordinary to report.

This month we inseminated twice, once at the clinic and once at home. Our timing was funky, though, as we never got a positive opk indicating an lh surge. We’ve been tracking and testing for months with consistent results, so I do believe that R ovulated, I just think we somehow missed the positive surge result. We were using a digital test, which, while easier to read than the control line sticks, doesn’t give a variable result. R is probably the most well-hydrated person on earth (who also has a freakishly small bladder), which I personally think makes it harder for her to get accurate readings on stuff based on urinalysis. Who can really know, though?

For this month we just trusted that all of the other fertility signs were present (EWCM, mid-point of cycle, midpain, etc) and gave it our best try. I think that getting to see all of those healthy, hearty sperm swimming around under the microscope gave me a lot of optimism about this cycle, whereas R seems wary of the fact that we never got a positive opk. One way or another we’ll have our answer in seven days. We’ll report back when we know more!


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