things I loved about this try

1. Two days before we inseminated, J called me outside, into the street, to look at a harvest moon. It was just hanging there, all fat and low. Like this photograph, but less…what is that, tumbleweed?

2. On the days we inseminated, friends kept seeing this double rainbow in our town. I never saw it (except in pictures), but I’m enough of a hippie (and, you know, gay enough) to love just knowing it was there.

3. We did one IUI (at our nurse practitioner’s office) and one ICI (at home, just us). I learned that well-timed IUIs don’t hurt. The ICI was intimate.

4. I ovulated the same week that our amazing.amazing.amazing.amazing.amazing friends found out they were pregnant one year ago. This feels like a blessing.

5. If we are successful this cycle, our baby will be born (assuming he or she comes within a week of the due date on either side) right on the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

6. This is the last cycle that would give me a due date before my 33rd birthday. (This doesn’t actually matter, but 32 seems like a nice age to become a mom.)

7. I could know if I’m pregnant as early as J’s birthday. I think she’d like that.

8. I feel ready in a new way.


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