six things i’ve learned in just one week on progesterone

Last week I went on a progesterone supplement to bolster my luteal phase (the part of my cycle between ovulation and menstruation). Progesterone won’t help me get pregnant, but if my egg is fertilized, it will help it to securely implant in the lining of my uterus. Since then, I have learned the following:

1. When J suggested (based on our NP’s recommendation) that I go on the higher of two possible doses, and assured me that she would be patient with the side effects of moodiness and heightened emotionality, I should have considered the impact on others around me as well. (See #2 for a specific example.)

2. Though I had already (bizarrely, horrifically) cried in my office building twice this semester, this third time – in my dissertation director’s office, on his birthday, when he was sick – made the other two incidents seem pale in comparison. Oh, yeah. I’m a real treat.

3. Though there are several Over the Rhine songs that make me cry on a regular basis, hearing them live, when I’m on progesterone, results in my crying at about 95% of them.

4. I have much more appreciation for my normally.fairly.clear skin now. I don’t, however, know when I’ll get it back.

5. Everything they say about progesterone and breast pain is true.

6. This maybe-baby (this is what J calls the possibility of pregnancy during each two-week-wait) should have no question as to how wanted he or she is. Hormone supplements are not for the faint of heart.


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