november 25th, 2010

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and I’m downstairs eating toast (I woke up nauseated and this was the only thing I thought I might keep down). Our boy cat is with me; he loves mornings and comes racing down the stairs with whoever rises first. Otherwise I’m alone, his sister cat and J still asleep upstairs. The house is so quiet, and it’s dark and wet and gray outside: my favorite weather. J was up late last night doing house chores – cleaning mostly – just to make my week a little easier. I was in bed reading (the only place for me after about 8pm, when, absurdly, standing becomes an almost overwhelming chore). I could hear her singing out loud to the songs on her iPod. Adorable beyond words. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

This week, the baby is growing from the size of a lentil (or a small sweet pea) to the size of a blueberry. That sounds like tough work to me, so I wish him or her good, strong growing. S/he is also starting to develop a nose, a mouth, ears, intestines, and a pituitary gland. Also, the bit of tissue that will become lungs has appeared. Amazing that we all developed this way. Every one of us was once a sweet pea-sized bundle of developing organs. There’s pretty much nothing more astonishing than biology.

My little house is waking up and there’s cooking to do. Happy Thanksgiving, though, to our reading friends and family. Thank you for all you’ve done to make this magical time so full of goodness. Out little (sweet pea- and adult-sized) lives are blessed by your presence, and we love you.


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