…Baby G! We had our first official visit with our certified nurse midwife today. Everything is looking really good! All of R’s labs (blood and urine) came back in top shape, and her heart, lungs, and uterus are all doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Our midwife, B (there are three in our practice: B, H, and L), fudged a bit on our paperwork so that we could get our first ultrasound today. Medically speaking, early ultrasounds are used to determine how far along a woman is if she isn’t sure when she got pregnant. It seems unfair, though, that for those of us who know the day we conceived, we have to wait until 20 weeks to see our baby for the first time! Our midwife seemed to feel the same way, so she snuck us into the ultrasound lab at the end of our appointment. The lab was very high-tech, and our technician was incredibly sweet. R and I both got teared up as soon as we saw our baby on the screen. Her/his little heart was beating like crazy (181 beats/minute). It’s no wonder R feels so fatigued! Our baby is measuring to the day what (s)he should, and the placement and yolk sac are all in good shape. It’s incredible how big R’s uterus has already gotten. The human body is amazing! We’ll go back in four weeks for our twelve week check-up, but until then, here’s our first baby picture!

Nota Bene: After posting this blog, Renee pointed out that in the previous post we said that we weren’t interested in having more than one ultrasound done during this pregnancy. Thus, it might seem surprising for us to have such an early ultrasound picture taken. So I thought I might offer up two bits of information that guided our choice: 1) Our midwife was able to clearly assuage any fears about the risks that ultrasound poses to the developing baby (that is to say, there are no real risks associated with the use of occasional ultrasounds), and 2) The midwife wasn’t able to detect the fetal heartbeat using the doppler device (which isn’t unusual this early on), but since this is our first pregnancy and we’re a little on the nervous side, we didn’t want to put off ensuring that fetal tones were present and normal until our next (12 week) appointment. I hope that this clears up any confusion; in any case, it makes us feel less hypocritical…


4 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Holy Moley! When I clicked on your blog I wasn’t expecting a picture and seeing it took my breath away. I’m so excited for you two.

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