.twelve weeks.

Happy New Year! Today marks the official start of our “golden” second trimester. It seems to be treating us well so far. We had our twelve-week appointment with our midwife this morning, and we got to hear Baby G’s heartbeat for the first time! It was beating strong at 172 bpm. We also got to satisfy R’s craving for hand cut french fries at lunch today, which was pleasant for all involved. R is starting to feel a little better day-by-day, and we’re hoping that her nausea and fatigue will continue to ease up over the next few weeks. We start back to work and school next Monday, so we’re trying to get in as much rest and quality time as possible this week.

I took a short video of the doppler exam this morning, so that others can hear Baby G’s heartbeat. We’ve uploaded it as an unlisted YouTube video here. This is a private video.

This is all beginning to feel much more real to me. R’s baby bump is beginning to show through her clothes, and with the nursery.to.be painted already, it’s easier to imagine a tiny baby in our home. It’s so hard to believe that dream will be a reality here in a short six months. Thank you to all of our lovely family and friends who have been so consummately supportive of our family. We look forward to raising our kids in such a loving community of people.


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