J and I went for genetic counseling today, and the specialist there (a wonderful doctor; kind and intelligent) thinks that Emmett probably suffered from a vascular problem. Blood clots are the only thing that he can imagine having caused her particular set of abnormalities (i.e. the only thing that could have caused her intestines to form external to her body AND have kept her from growing feet, because without blood flow to those regions, they couldn’t grow properly). There’s a good chance that this was specific to her: that for whatever reason, her blood was too thick. There’s also a chance that she had vascular problems because I have an undiagnosed clotting disorder, so they took nine vials of my blood today to try to determine if that’s the case. We’ll know in a week or two. Either way, though, our girl was probably fine except for this one thing. Some rare, random vascular disorder.


2 thoughts on “vascular

  1. Thirty Two years ago I was 25, and expecting my first child. I was two weeks past my due date when i lost my daughter to stillbirth. They told me there was a blood clot in the umbilical cord. just a freak accident. One year later i was about to deliver my second child, went into the hospital to have a stress test. Low and behold this baby was also in fetal destress. c section saved her life.I had two more children taken at 36 weeks, again fetal destress. All these years i learn I have inhereted V Leiden factor 5 mutation. caused the blood clotting. in my placenta. It is such a relief to finally know the reason my daughter died. some peace of mind.

    • I am so sorry, Cheryl, to hear of your devastating losses. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. Especially so long ago, as I’m sure there weren’t resources out there for parents in your situation. I’m glad you’ve found the blog…my thoughts are with you.

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