.6dpo dreams.

I had the craziest dreams last night. R insists that I blog about them because, supposedly, vivid dreams often accompany pregnancy. R had a crazy dream about being in labor during a terrorist attack during our two-week wait with Emmett. The dream from last night that I remember most concretely involved our close friend J. J had apparently incurred a huge amount of illicit debt because she had become addicted to taking dance classes (like, totally licit modern dance classes). In order to pay off her massive debts, she had taken to working on the side as an escort. I found out about all of this and was very conflicted about how to handle the situation. Cut to being at a folk festival that I used to attend in the summers in upstate New York. My deceased maternal grandfather was there trying to help out a friend of his who had died. Then, suddenly, I was trying to protect a tiny baby from a very angry yak.

I can’t be sure what it all means. But since I’ve decided to act “as if” I’m already pregnant during this TWW, I’m choosing to interpret it as the beginning of strange pregnancy symptoms. ;-) We’ll let you know how it all turns out…

Oh, and the yak did not get the baby…just a single sock.


2 thoughts on “.6dpo dreams.

  1. Lol that’s hilarious. I have crazy dreams too (though they’re not pregnancy related…just me being weird). I hope it’s the beginning of pregnancy dreams for you!

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