to friendship

Today is my friend C’s 30th birthday, and I couldn’t let the occasion go by without mention. C is my dissertation partner, and I have learned from her wisdom at every step of the PhD process. Even more importantly, though, she has taught me about friendship, and marriage, and patience, and generosity. She is a devoted environmentalist, a hard-core foodie, and a passionate feminist scholar. And she is the sister I always wanted. My whole family is blessed to have C on our side, and she has been and will be the most wonderful aunt to both Emmett Ever and Rabbit River.

This photo is from the (two years ago) wedding of two mutual friends, M & J. From left to right: C, K, me, a woman I don’t know, the beautiful bride (M), and my wife (J). Neither C nor I are big dancers (seriously. we’re at our best sitting quietly in a coffee shop.), but K, M, and my wife can break it down. Here, C and I were bullied into (awkwardly) joining in. This was only about a year into our friendship, but I was already smart enough to know that C was a forever.friend.

Happy birthday, CMH! May this new decade be filled with happy discoveries, abounding beagle love, local/organic/delicious food, steady and insightful writing, heaps and heaps of simple pleasures, and a community of friends and family worthy of your constant love and devotion.


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