six states and a district!

As of late last night, there are officially six states (plus the District of Columbia) that offer marriage equality! These are Massachusetts (where J and I are legally married), Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and, now, New York. Though the most important thing for me is same-sex second parent adoption – which is allowed in roughly half of US states – I celebrate today with couples like Richard Dorr and John Mace (pictured above), who’ve waited for this legal recognition for all of their sixty-one years together. I can’t wrap my head around what these gentlemen must have faced, but I’m thrilled to think that what they’re now facing is full legal recognition of their family.

Two of my favorite facts:

  • New York is so heavily populated that adding it to this list doubles the number of Americans who live in states with marriage equality!
  • New York City is, of course, the birthplace of the U.S. queer movement because of the Stonewall Riots of forty-two years ago (almost to the day). For those brave (fed up. pissed off.) people, this day was a long time coming.

Though I’m mostly excited for New Yorkers, I’m also excited because, as I begin to consider the job market (tenure track humanities jobs are no easy thing to land), I can now fantasize about the possibility of New York with new enthusiasm. What a sweet thing to consider, raising our children in a state that doesn’t discriminate against their family, a state where J and I are both legally recognized as parents AND where our marriage is acknowledged. Our friend B said, now  “[you] can teach at Duchess Community College with my mom!” Indeed. L and B: I promise to look extensively into New York when the MLA jobs list comes out this year.

Congratulations to any New Yorkers who read this! And congratulations to all of us for another hard-earned step!


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