.turning point.

Good news, good news. There has been an abundance of good news in our little Cottage of late. For starters, I finally landed the perfect job! After four months of unemployment, 50 positions applied for, and five interviews, I’ve finally nailed the right fit. What’s ironic is that this is a position I hadn’t even applied for. It’s full-time with a prestigious, private liberal arts college here in our city. I had applied for a position there earlier in the summer, which I didn’t get, but they (apparently) held onto my resume. Two weeks ago, the Provost e-mailed me to ask if I would be interested in interviewing for this other position, which, of course, I was most happy to hear. I went in for an interview last week, which was a dream. I love the folks that I’ll be working with. And the Provost called me at home the following day to offer me the position. It’s a great fit for so many reasons. I’ll be overseeing the administrative dealings of the History, Anthropology, Sociology, Business, and Economics Departments. Plus, they’re interested in developing a new staffing model for this type of position at the College, which means that I’ll also be enlisted to help faculty with special projects (including their own research). This is all right up my alley. I’ll have full benefits for me, R, and the Rabbit. They’ve been offering domestic partner benefits since 1998. Not to mention that the health insurance policy is nicer than anything I’ve ever seen before (100% coverage across the board with no deductibles). Additionally, I’ll qualify for paid maternity leave after only 90 days on the job. Since I start next week, and we aren’t due for five months, I should be completely covered. Even after I had already accepted the position and salary, the Provost offered me a generous pay bump beyond what I had agreed to (who does that?!). And one of my very favorite things about the position is that I’ll be sharing space with a well-known center for social justice leadership, which I’ll be able to get involved with right away. Again, did I mention that this is a dream job? R and I are both so very grateful, relieved, and excited. I start next Wednesday, the 24th. Wish me luck!

Also in the good news category, we had our 16-week appointment with our midwife last week, which went swimmingly. Rabbit seems to be doing very well. His or her heart was beating at 162-4bpm and we could hear little kicks and punches through the doppler. I haven’t felt the baby move yet, but since this is my first time being pregnant, it’ll likely be another week or two. The positive aspects of the second trimester are kicking in with full force. My nausea and smell aversions have almost entirely abated. With the exception of first thing in the morning (which, I suspect, may have something to do with digesting my prenatal), I feel good throughout the day. I have more energy for my normal activities, and the bouts of depression that I was struggling with through the first trimester are rapidly dissipating. The bump is growing very gradually. It’s a bit anticlimactic, as I think I looked more pregnant at the end of the first trimester (because of bloating). R assures me that this perception is only in my mind, which I guess means that I’m just becoming accustomed to the look of my pregnant body. Our big mid-pregnancy ultrasound is next week, which I’m equally excited and anxious about. It’s been hard not seeing the baby yet in this pregnancy, though (with no complications) there’s been no medical reason to. I just pray that our little Rabbit is healthy and thriving. Also, it will be fun to know whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Neither of us have a preference (and we certainly have no intention of gendering the baby), but it’ll be nice to narrow down names. I suspect we’ll share all of this on the blog once we’ve had a little private time with the information.

We spent this past weekend putting our registries together. It’s amazing just how many decisions have to be made concerning all of the necessities the Rabbit will need. I woke up on Sunday morning to R (already on her computer) with 17 different Firefox windows open comparing the various safety ratings, styles, and environmental friendliness of car seats. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment having made choices about all of that stuff. We’ve been trying to get the nursery as put together as possible before the fall semester starts, as we won’t have a lot of free time during the semester itself and we’ll be nearly full-term by the winter holidays. Our sweet friends J & J sent us home with a myriad of baby goods from their children. So we have a cloth diaper system and many wonderful clothes. We’ve already cleared out the old office furniture, purchased and built the crib, put down a floor rug, built a bookshelf, and special ordered our dresser and glider. We can wait on everything else to come through the registry, now that the basics are handled.

Getting to this point in the pregnancy (nearly halfway there) has made me think a lot about Emmett lately. On the one hand, it’s reassuring to know that with every day this Rabbit grows bigger and stronger. We’ve been very blessed to have such a normal, textbook pregnancy this time, as our capacity for fear and anxiety is so low. On the other hand, though, getting to have these new pregnancy experiences makes me sad to not have had them with Emmett. Decorating the nursery, enjoying the pleasantries of the second trimester, growing bigger and bigger, taking prenatal yoga, and preparing for the second-half of pregnancy, all of these are experiences that I wish that we could have had with E, and that I wish that Renee could have experienced bodily. I think that both R and I have settled into these new roles with as much grace as we can muster, but it still makes me sad sometimes to think about how different all of this looks from the way we envisioned it going last year. Still, I trust that the presence of this Rabbit in our lives will make so much of the bafflement of the last eight months ease up, even a little.


2 thoughts on “.turning point.

  1. Congratulations on landing that job! It DOES sound like a dream! How wonderful. =)

    Congratulations also on your happy healthy pregnancy. As you’ve mentioned, you’ve gotten through a lot just to be here. You’ve earned some happiness and bliss. =)

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