1. As of our ultrasound this past Tuesday, our son weighs nine ounces. Nine ounces is in the seventieth (70th) percentile for his stage of development (eighteen weeks and one day). He’s also measuring eighteen weeks and four days, which, since we know our date is accurate, means that he’s thriving. Here is a close-up profile. He’s facing the photograph’s left, and if you find his little ear first, it should be easy to orient yourself to his sweet, fat cheek, his little nose, and his adorable mouth. I could stare at this photograph without end.

2. Though they didn’t get the pictures they wanted of his heart or his mouth (which they’re not concerned about, as apparently that’s common at eighteen weeks), everything they could see looked healthy, and strong, and beautiful. No anomalies. No concerns. Just one healthy, happy, hopping-around, flipping-about baby. He is active, and his movements look graceful to me. We’ll have a follow-up in four weeks to get the images they still need, which we love as it’s one more chance to look at our son. This is a photo of the sole of his right foot. If you look closely, you can see his little toes. We both cried when we saw that he has feet.

3. This image is evidence that he is a boy. We can see that, but we can’t quite orient ourselves to the rest of his little body. I mean, we (obviously) know where that part is, but we can’t quite tell where in this photograph his legs or torso are. Anyone out there great with ultrasound images? We’d love your help.

4. The ultrasound was during the D.C. earthquake, which people could feel on the upper floors of our hospital. The earth literally shook when we saw our son for the first time. Since no one was hurt, this seems delightful. We are undone by our love for him, and by our gratitude for his health. He feels like a sweet, strong, healthy, happy being. It’s a struggle to put down the fear – the only experience we have of loving a child this much is tied to grief – but we both sense that we’ll get time with this child. That we’ll know him. Here he is in profile again, left leg kicking. We’ve waited a long time to see this.   


9 thoughts on “thriving

  1. Your son!!! I’m so glad that you shared the pictures. I’ll ask my wife (she’s a radiologist) when she gets home from work what else she can tell from the images.


    • Ha! I was actually thinking about your wife, hoping she might be able to identify his other parts in that one! :) It’s been like a Magic Eye obsession these past days.

      (And, I know. I just keeping thinking, “we have a son on the way. A son.” So sweet.)

      • Professor’s wife here – Do you have any more images? if so, send them to P via fb. As for the “boy parts” pic, it’s not entirely clear what they’re showing us, but i think that bright white speck with the dark shadowing behind it is a femur. you’re looking up at your little man’s tail from below – not unlike the ultrasound tech was positioned relative to your wife at the ultrasound. the tech’s just obliquing the image to catch part of the upper thigh from the back and your little guy’s equipment! Huge congratulations. Boys are the best! …I’m only a little biased…

  2. I can’t help with reading of the ultrasound (not so much my area of expertise). But, I do know that this is so many kinds of wonderful.

  3. I have absolutely no ultrasound expertise, so this is just a wild hypothesis, but one way of reading it that I like is that he is in happy baby pose…on his back, face up, with his legs curled up, with his genitalia sticking through his raised legs. Happy healthy baby.

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