.weekend update.

I’ve finally started to feel the Rabbit move. It first happened about six days ago. R and I were sitting at home and she had her hand on my belly. Having R’s hands on the baby bump feels like just about the most wonderful thing in the world. I think that the Rabbit is very calmed by having her energy so close to him. At first, the movement just felt like little flutters, but it was definitely a distinct sensation from any of the ligament or digestive feelings that I’ve grown accustomed to in recent months. I felt more of these flutters (sort of an internal flipping — very fluid) the next day and then didn’t feel anything again for a couple of days, which, as I understand it, is very normal at this point in the pregnancy. On Friday evening, I felt the Rabbit kick for the first time. It was only one kick, but it was intense and kind of unreal. Then, again, I didn’t feel anything for about thirty-six hours. This evening, I’ve been feeling some thumping and more of that kind of flipping sensation. It’s still very subtle, but we’re both very excited to be getting to this mid-point milestone in the pregnancy!


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