no dragons here today!

When I was growing up, my mom had this saying: Some days the dragon wins. On bad days, she would tell me this as a way of putting pain into perspective. The place you’re in sucks, this suggests, but sometimes that’s just true. You win; you lose. It’s a roller-coaster, and it isn’t personal. Some days it’s a baby dragon, she would say. That makes for a lousy day, but the pain of it doesn’t linger. Other times, it’s a big dragon, and on those days, the pain is immense. Those days last for months.

What this implies, though, is that some days the dragon doesn’t win. It also tells you to pay attention to these kinds of days when they come, to revel in them.

That’s what she taught me. Here’s what I’ve learned in the last couple of years. If you have a community that’s wonderful enough – a community whose pains you feel deeply, and whose joys you celebrate with all of your soul – you get to revel in even more of the good days. How great is that???

Our friends have had some victories lately. Small victories. Big victories. Half marathons post-cancer. New graduate programs. Adoption placements. New shoes. And then there’s that family over at Love Invents Us, who are SUPER DUPER EXPECTING (with SUPER DUPER BETA NUMBERS). I love this life. I love that – on a day that involved nothing for me aside from quiet reading and writing – I can get a phone call or check my e-mail and learn about good news. Great news, even. I love how much joy hearing about your joys brings me.

Community: How does anyone get by without it’s dragon-slaying nature?

Hippie caveat: None of this should be taken as an indication that we think negatively of dragons. We catch house flies and take them outdoors. We have a giant spider living in our mailbox, and we’ve named her Esmeralda. We love dragons, and of course we recognize their right to win sometimes.


2 thoughts on “no dragons here today!

  1. LOVE this post. It states a sentiment that has taken me the past two weeks to process, accept, and own. The past two weeks in my corner have been dreary. My teaching has been a struggle, as we are working towards a unit paper. Things just haven’t been going smoothly. The dragon was calling the shots for sure.

    Today, I beat the dragon. Sitting in my literary theory class (that has given me fits and made me feel stupid), something clicked. Something I can write one of my papers on. Something that could potentially find a spot in my dissertation. How I loved that moment. And then having a delightful young student chat with me about HIS paper, and then shake my hand and thank me profusely afterward? Even better.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, and digressed from, is thank you for writing what I’ve been feeling. I desperately needed all the things that happened today, and this post is definitely one of them.

  2. What a fabulous sentiment! I’m adopting that for sure. It feels so good to celebrate with friends. Thanks for sharing in our excitement. :)

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