.22 weeks.

We had our 22-week ultrasound this afternoon! This was the follow-up to our 18-week anatomical scan, during which they weren’t able to get the pictures they needed of his heart and face. I think they were more successful today, though we haven’t heard the final results from the radiologist yet.

It was so nice to see our boy swimming around in there. He’s gone through a major growth spurt in the last four weeks. He weighed in at 9 oz. at 18 weeks; today he weighs 1lb. 4oz.! He’s still measuring on target (22 weeks and 2 days, which is one day ahead of schedule). The ultrasound was at 1pm, which tends to be a quiet time of day for him, so he wasn’t super-excitable, but we did see his little arms and legs pumping, his mouth practicing sucking, and his whole body flipping a time or two for the camera. Our tech had a very new student observing her, and, at the end of the scan, the tech asked if we would mind the student taking a turn with the wand. She wasn’t tasked with finding anything in particular, but was becoming familiar with using the wand itself. R and I are, of course, super supportive of all things student, so we were happy to oblige. It was nice to have a freebie ten minutes to just watch him do his thing. We worked alongside the student to make sense of the jumble of all of his little parts. It was a sweet and satisfying experience. And now, on to a few pictures!

This first photo is a much more easily discernable “male” shot. It’s taken looking up at his cute little baby-butt and between his legs. I’m pretty sure that’s umbilical cord shading the middle of the picture:

This next picture is of his foot stepping down. R and I were joking – in that dark sense of humor that we’ve honed this year – that when you tell an ultrasound tech that you had a baby born without feet (by way of explaining why feet choke you up), you get a lot of ultrasound pictures of feet…

This next one is his face, straight on. He hasn’t put on fat yet, so his face still looks skeletal in ultrasound, but it’s sweet nonetheless:


6 thoughts on “.22 weeks.

    • Doesn’t he have a nice butt? I announced at dinner last night that I fully intend to pinch our children’s butts. R said that this sounded like a great idea, because the children will grow to like her more ;-)

  1. Ha! Don’t encourage her Christine! Remember: she’s led us down dark roads with her butt fixations before. (P.S. I love this post, and I love our boy and his butt.)

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