It recently occured to me that I have done a subpar job on this blog of acknowledging the complete rockstar that my wife has been during this entire pregnancy. Over the course of the last twenty-two weeks, R has worked through feelings of grief, loss, and insecurity in order to be the most incredible partner to me and the perfect mama for this Rabbit. She has singlehandedly cooked almost every meal we’ve eaten for nearly six months. On top of that she has pulled way more than her fair share of the housework and yardwork. She’s handled all of the cats’ needs, registered the Saab’s never-ending litany of complaints, and cleaned up projectile vomit (mine) on more than one occasion. She’s done our laundry, planned our nursery, and organized our registry. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have had all of the vitamins.water.nutrients.exercise that this Rabbit needs to grow. She stayed on me about baby names for years, so that we could come to some consensus about our perfect name. R offered me unconditional support and confidence throughout my four months of unemployment. And now that I’m waking up at 6am for work each day, she’s up with me, making my mornings run so much smoother. And, on top of all that she does for us, she’s also teaching and writing a dissertation at top-speed. She is truly the bedrock of our family and I cannot imagine going through this experience with anyone else. Thanks, love!


6 thoughts on “.rockstar.

  1. Thanks, baby! But every moment that I spend doing this stuff, you’re growing us a person. Like, a whole person. So you win! :) (And thanks to the rest of you too. You’re all way way sweet.)

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