…is the number of weekends, counting this one, that we have until Rabbit’s due date. And of course, he could come early. We could have fewer. Since once Rabbit’s here, he’ll be pretty central to how we spend our weekends, these now feel sacred to me. We’ve longed for a child to parent for years, and we still long for that, but we’re LOVING this time we have together. This quiet, us time. This close-held intimacy.

If you’ve already brought children home, how did you spend these last weekends alone together? How do you wish you had? If you’re working on/waiting for children now, how are you using the time you have?


My beautiful.joyful wife and our sweet.sweet boy.

Me and Rabbit.

The rabbit we (J and I and our dear friend C) watched eating the grass seed I planted in the front yard. Look at those ears! I think our Rabbit’s ears might be big, too, but probably not quite this big.

The, featuring the stunning, all-cotton, softly lined curtains that Cheri over at (Etsy’s) Seams Original made for Rabbit. If you have sewing project needs, look Cheri up. She is so talented, and she’s been way way kind and generous to our family.

Curtains. Glider with Ottoman. Total nursery love.


6 thoughts on “seventeen

  1. I think that little babies have a nice way of easing you into parenthood in some ways — they sleep a lot and they are content sitting in bouncy seats, laps, and other comfy places for extended periods of time. But here are the things I would do if I were you:
    1. Enjoy setting your own sleeping and waking schedule
    2. Enjoy HOT coffee/tea
    3. Make complicated meals
    4. Wipe only one nose
    5. Be the only one who eats off your plate
    6. Enjoy cutting your food as you eat — and cutting up only your food.
    7. Enjoy having all the space in the shopping cart for groceries
    8. Relish your debris-free kitchen floor.
    9. Enjoy not stepping on cars/blocks/crayons
    10. Sit in a coffee shop for as long as you want.
    11. Enjoy having conversations without being interrupted
    12. Enjoy sitting at the computer/talking on the phone without anyone trying to take it over.
    13. Enjoy having two free hands
    14. Sit on your furniture. I spend most of my time sitting on the floor these days.
    15. Browse in stores. Enjoy leisurely shopping trips.
    16. Read books for fun (preferably ones without pictures)
    17. Take photos of yourselves
    18. Enjoy being the only one who gets your clothes dirty
    19. Enjoy having space and leg room in your car
    20. Enjoy getting in and out of your car quickly in the rain.
    21. Enjoy being able to come and go as you please
    22. Enjoy being able to leave the house after grabbing only your keys and purse.
    23. Enjoy small loads of laundry.
    24. Read the newspaper from front to back in one sitting.

    • Erica, This is a fabulous list. I have the desire to print it out and review it on a daily basis between now and January, just to be sure that I’m appropriately reveling in these last few months of alone time. Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. I highly recommend wallowing in sleep as much as possible, lazily reading the entire Sunday newspaper each of the remaining weekends, and having some date nights with movies and really good food. It’s exciting to think of you guys waiting–brings back so many memories.

  3. i wish i had stayed up late more. that’s the thing i missed most (besides sleep in general): staying up late knowing i could make up the sleep the next day and that even if i didn’t, it would be okay, since i wasn’t operating at an extreme deficit.

    other than that, the things we don’t do these days don’t bother me much. people act like that’s strange sometimes, but we are just having such a great time with the bean that who cares about missing a party or a show?

    the only weekend i specifically remember is the one before labor (or maybe during early labor, hard to say), when i packed in more socializing than ever: guests for dinner and brunch, dinner at friends’ houses…it was wonderful. i think we were having so much fun that the bean couldn’t resist coming to join us.

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! What an exciting time of life for you three. :)

    BTW- next Tuesday is National Coming Out Day and I think I may share a bit of my story on my blog for others to read. I think it’d be fun to get a lot of us involved in this week through our blogs, both for personal cathartic reasons and to help others who may feel alone and are struggling with coming out. You in? :)

  5. Our daughter will turn a year (gasp) next month and I still remember those last few weeks! We prepared, spent time just being together and prepared some more. Just remember, once Rabbit arrives you will STILL need to find time just for the two of you!

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