happiness isn’t a warm gun

It is, however, plenty of other things:

  • It is Rabbit being twenty-five weeks today. Twenty-five! How did that happen?
  • It is my wife’s twenty-ninth birthday, which was yesterday. (She shares her birthday with John Lennon. Thus the reference.)
  • It is celebrating GOOD, GOOD times with the same beloved friends who got you through the not.so.good times.
  • It is the set of comments at the end of my last post about skin-to-skin contact. I’ve realized before what a privilege this community is, but never quite so profoundly as I did reading those comments as they rolled in over the past handful of days. The time you took to share your birth and bringing.home stories, your thoughts about narratives and realities, your beloved memories and bearable vulnerabilities. Your reassurances. Your fierce activist reminders. The intimate language with which you broke down walls and sought to comfort. Thank you. Your openness means more than you know.
  • And it is photographs of these happy, happy days:

Here’s our girl cat, Nemesis. She’s quite a looker.

Here’s her brother. He’s not too shabby either.

Afternoon sun through the nursery curtains. We nailed this, didn’t we Cheri?

J might not approve of my posting a first.thing.in.the.morning photo, but come on: This creature is CUTE. This is the morning of her birthday. I made her mini-frittatas (shout out: Christina) and decaf tea-latte. My wife is anyone’s for good food in the morning.

She wanted to make her (gay rainbow) birthday cake herself. She could not be dissuaded. Here’s the batter in process!

I found candles that flame in the color of the wax. Because what’s a gay cake without gay flames?

That’s C’s sweater. It matches the gay cake, but she has a husband.

C, A, and J: Much.Loved. Cake: Super.Delicious.

From left to right: Rabbit’s mum, his mama, his Aunt Adrienne, and his Aunt Kippie. One boy, barrels of love.*

* This is right before we made C and A watch The Business of Being Born with us. Huddled around one 13” Macbook. Because we have no television, and this is our birth team, and it’s what J wanted to do for her birthday. Do we know how to party or what?!?


5 thoughts on “happiness isn’t a warm gun

  1. Happy Birthday J – what a beautiful cake and a day with the best of friends! I’m glad that the Gardner family has so much love surrounding them, and I’m sending some from Columbus too! -MJB

  2. First, I love that you called your wife a creature. Sometimes I am also overwhelmed by the cuteness of the creature at my house.

    Also….. a gay cake! I also love the picture of the rainbow batter. Anymore pictures of the cake itself? It looks like it was lovely.

    Sounds like a fabulous birthday.

  3. I DO love the way the leaves show through the curtains … they are so perfect. Your little boy will just have to wait a short while after he is born to see leaves !!!

    xox, Cheri

    PS – Yummm – I love cake ~ and that one was a beauty !! Happy Birthday :)

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