.new experiences.

Disclaimer: Before I start this post, I feel I should caveat it with the fact that everyone in our little home is doing very well.

The third trimester seems to be off with a bang this past week. In the last seven days, I’ve had my first noticeable Braxton Hicks’ contractions, colostrum has begun to come in, Rabbit has started having regular bouts of hiccups, and my legs and hips feel like those of a pregnant person. Generally speaking, though, I’m loving that all of these signs mean that meeting our boy is a mere 12ish weeks away.

We’ve had an especially eventful last 48 hours around these parts. On Sunday evening, R was bitten by our neighbors’ German Shepherd. She’s fine now, just sore and bruised, but it was a scary ordeal at first. We were meeting our new neighbors for the first time and R asked if she could meet their dog (who was on a leash). The neighbor said that would be fine, but when R approached him, the dog lashed out, took her wrist in his mouth and twisted it pretty painfully. Fortunately, R was wearing a jacket at the time (we were just getting in from a long walk), so the jacket took the better part of the punctures (there are teeth marks straight through the sleeve). The dog was up-to-date on all of his shots and the neighbors were extremely apologetic and proactive, so there’s no bad blood from the experience (no pun intended). We took R into the urgent care to have her hand looked at, just in case. It wasn’t fractured or sprained, just swollen and bruised, and the teeth marks weren’t deep enough to warrant antibiotics, so we were discharged. When we got back home, the neighbors had purchased a Babies-R-Us gift card for us and put it in our door with copies of the dog’s vet records, which was very sweet. In addition to being a painful ordeal, it was really hard for R to lose that time on Sunday evening. She’s under a pretty serious time crunch this week at work. She has multiple mid-November deadlines in addition to her teaching, so losing Sunday night was a blow.

Then to compound our Sunday night adventure, I started having painful contractions as I was leaving work at 5pm on Monday. At first I figured that it was just intense Braxton Hicks, but it became increasingly painful as I drove home from work and continued on, cyclically, for almost an hour. I went to the bathroom, drank lots of water, and laid on my left side, all of which seemed to help a little bit. Still, we called the on-call service for our midwives clinic, just to be on the safe side. They recommended coming into Labor and Delivery to be checked by the triage nurse. We decided to treat it like a dry run. Plus, I know us, and we weren’t going to be appeased until 1) the pain went away, or 2) we had a medical professional tell us that everything was normal.

Fortunately, we had SUCH a good experience with our L&D. The triage nurse and the on-call midwife were both incredibly sweet and reassuring with us. No-one made us feel stupid or over-reactive for wanting to be checked out. They did a urine sample and took my blood pressure (which was much higher than it ever has been during the pregnancy – my guess is that I was anxious, which made it shoot up). Then they hooked the Rabbit up to EFM and I got put on a contraction monitor. We were both hooked up for about an hour. I only had one contraction while on the monitor, which is totally normal at this stage of the pregnancy. And they were VERY impressed with Rabbit’s performance on the EFM. Apparently, he is having the accelerations of an older baby, which is wonderful news from a developmental standpoint. I couldn’t quite understand what it was they were seeing in his pattern, but R and I were certainly pleased that they were pleased. Their final estimation is that the pain was probably brought on by a combination of things: Braxton Hicks, Rabbit sitting on my cervix, intestinal discomfort, and round ligament pain. Since I only had the one contraction on the monitor, they decided to forego doing a vaginal exam and/or a fetal fibronectin test, which was a relief. By the time we left, I was still pretty sore (my abdomen felt like I had just finished lots of sit-ups, and I was still having the sharp pains shooting down from my belly button), but I wasn’t anxious anymore. Sleeping was pretty uncomfortable all night, but, fortunately, I was able to sleep in today. I came into work a few hours late since we had a meeting with our (wonderful) lawyer this morning to sign all of our many new legal documents (power of attorneys, parenting agreements, nomination of guardian, etc).

R was a total trooper last night. I know that it was scary for her to see me in pain and not know what was happening. She stayed incredibly calm, supportive, and level-headed, which is exactly what I needed. I feel so bad that our two hour trip to L&D ate that much more time out of her crazy work week. Hopefully we can move a few plans around this week so that she can have more time to work in the evenings. As always, she is a wonderful wife to me and mama to this Rabbit. We already had our 28-week appointment with our midwife scheduled for this afternoon, so we’ll follow up with her. The discomfort seems to be much better this morning, though, which I am very grateful for. Here’s hoping the rest of the week proves uneventful!


2 thoughts on “.new experiences.

  1. It’s good to hear that Rabbit is still nestled in safely! I guess we are just a few weeks apart. It’s nice to have someone just ahead of me so I can see what’s around the corner. What is your due date again? That must be have terribly scary for R with the dog incident. Glad to hear that she is okay and that the neighbors were really good about providing you with info.

    • Yes, we’d like to keep him nice and nestled for at least another ten-ish weeks. We’re due January 23rd. We’ve been following your blog, as well. You guys are due in early February? Is that right? Very exciting. Best wishes in your pregnancy…

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