.starting to feel real.

We will be 30 weeks this coming Monday, and the reality of bringing our son home in a few short months is beginning to sink in. Our baby shower is this Sunday. My mom is flying in from out-of-state and R’s family (mom, dad, grandmom, aunt, and cousins) will all be attending. Our dear friends C and A have generously given of their time and energy to prepare everything for the shower, and R and I are really looking forward to it!

Our eight-weeks of natural childbirth classes also wrap up next week. I’m SO glad that we’ve taken this course. I feel like R and I are going to make an amazing team in labor and I’m much less intimated by the prospect of childbirth, as I think I have a more finely tuned sense of what to expect. We were present for the birth of our friends’ daughter in June of 2010, which was a magical experience. At the time, though, I really didn’t know enough about labor and delivery to appreciate everything that was going on. Now, I feel like I’ll be able to recognize and move through each stage of labor as its own unique (albeit painful) experience.

I feel like the beginning of the third trimester was akin to getting to the top of the first big hill of a roller coaster. Now I feel like we’re falling, moving along at lightning speed. It’s not scary or unpleasant, but it feels like a pace that you really have no choice but to surrender to. There’s the shower, then Thanksgiving, a few short weeks later is winter break, and then, come the first of the year, we’ll be considered full-term. The Rabbit could pretty much come at anytime in January and be perfectly fine. And then, beyond that, I’ve no idea. We have plenty of plans and speculation, but who knows what it will be like to be new parents together. I’m just so excited to find out. And I’m really excited to figure out who this little new person is. I carry him around with me 24/7, but I feel like he’s behind a little wall beyond which I just can’t see. I sense that he’s sweet. And I think that he’ll have a big nose. But there’s so much more to know about a person than that…


One thought on “.starting to feel real.

  1. I know I barely know you two, but I’m super excited about the birth of your baby…and what life will be like for the three of you together. I only hope parenting doesn’t exhaust you both too much to keep blogging. :)

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