the (mostly) highs and (few) lows of THIRTY weeks

Thirty weeks. Thirty. Weeks. Those two little words are like magic, and somehow, I never thought we’d get to say them. This week has been full.full.full, and there’s no time to properly document everything. In lieu of something thorough, then, here’s a snapshot of these past few days.

  • Our shower was yesterday. Rabbit’s amazing Aunts Adrienne and Kippie (Christine) threw us a positively delightful celebration. They baked and baked, made mulled cider, gave baskets of local apples as prizes for an adorable baby photo recognition game, and made everyone feel warm and cozy and happy. A co-worker of J’s commented that it’s obvious how supported we are and how loved Rabbit River is. I could go on for hours about all the incredible baby stuff we got, and how fabulous the whole event was, but I’m not sure I could say anything more fitting than that: it was obvious how supported we are and how loved our little boy already is. If you’re reading this, and you were a part of our day yesterday (from near or afar), I thank you. You are this little boy’s village.
  • One particularly amusing moment: when we opened Christine’s gift, which was a Kleen Kanteen sippy cup (seriously. impossibly cute.), a friend shouted out: “now you’ve done it. This baby will be a republican.” Hilarious. Apparently, baby’s first Kleen Kanteen is the quintessential emblem of liberalism and is thus ripe to be rebelled against. So Rabbit: if you’re reading this in sixteen years or so, please don’t become a republican. Drink out of styrofoam if you need to. Be super athletic: neither of your moms will know what to do with that. But don’t become an advocate for big money. Our little hearts couldn’t bear it. :)
  • J’s mom was in town for the whole weekend, and it was incredible to see her bonding with her grandson for the first time. We’re so lucky to have her; she will be an excellent grandmom.
  • We went to see a modern dance performance on Saturday night. We saw the same company’s fall performance last year, too, when I was pregnant with E. This time, Rabbit danced along. There were two pieces he seemed especially to love, and, as I watched with my hand on J’s belly, I had the thought that maybe our son will be a dancer. He certainly already has rhythm!
  • We finished our first round of legal paperwork, and I’m now in possession of a parental designation form that J has to sign every six months. I know it should feel good to have it with me – I mean, it’s my only form of legal recognition – but it’s extremely painful to have to be given six months’ worth of parental rights at a time. I don’t even have to sign the document; J’s signature is the only one that matters because she’s the boy’s only legal parent. I’m having a hard time with this.
  • Our dear friend Laura defended her dissertation on Thursday, and we got to celebrate with her Thursday night. We are so proud of her. Also: thanks, Laura, for proving that it can be done! Sometimes it gets the look of the impossible. :)
  • I realized when we got home with all of our gifts last night that this little boy will wreak havoc on the minimalist aesthetics that I’ve spent the last decade cultivating. I know we will develop systems; J and I love a system. We already have a whole crate thing going in the basement. And I know that we won’t always live in such a tiny house. But wow: this little being already has some stuff. Post-baby minimalism won’t look the same as pre-baby minimalism, that is for sure.
  • Rabbit has the hiccups a LOT. Like: every three hours or so. Our midwife tells us this is normal, that her daughter had them this often too, but J is having a hard time with it. They make her anxious, and she read about a connection with cord compression that, though not relevant at this stage, seems to be haunting her. Any reassurances would be appreciated. We can be worriers up in this house.
  • I’ll get new belly shots on here soon, but know this: my wife is huge! She carries it incredibly well, but that belly is not messing around. It is, quite simply, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


5 thoughts on “the (mostly) highs and (few) lows of THIRTY weeks

  1. The next ten weeks will both drag and rush by. It’s such a strange passing of time.

    Glad to hear the shower went well. It’s amazing how much stuff one can accumulate for a baby. We’re nearing one year and there’s no sign of it slowing down! Organization is definitely key!

  2. ay, i won’t even tell you what MY anxiety about all the hiccups was — suffice to say, it was something that seemed vaguely related but was actually haunting me only because it happened to the baby of a friend, not because there was a real reason to think it was happening to our bean — but: yes, they drove me wild, too. but actually, lots of babies hiccup a lot, for all the “practicing breathing”-type reasons on baby center and the like. our bean came out just fine (not with the Extremely Unlikely Problem that had loomed so large in my mind)…and then proceeded to hiccup several times a day for months. very healthy hiccups (which he hated).

    on another note, it’s weird how i don’t even fully see the typically garish baby stuff now crowding our apartment. and anyway, the bean loves it so much.

  3. The shower sounds wonderful and I’m so glad that you guys had such a great weekend!

    I’m sorry that the hiccups are giving you a scare and I wish I knew something about them. My wife had them. Hope you hear something comforting soon.

  4. The shower sounds lovely! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that your child will enter the world surrounded by love and support–I’m happy for all three of you! Also, my daughter had hiccups in utero multiple times a day and was super healthy. I would not give it a second thought, it’s completely normal and Rabbit will continue to hiccup, probably often, even after he is born. Congrats on making to 30 weeks! I love being right behind you so I can see what’s up next…

  5. THIRTY WEEKS?! I love it. You are so close to meeting this wee hare. We had a similar feeling after our showers (we had 4 once all our workplaces pitched in with celebrations) – baby stuff, oh my! I wouldn’t call us minimalists to begin with but we’re overwhelmed by all the extras we have now. We haven’t figured out how to gracefully fit it all into our small house and it does have me wishing we at least had a bigger room for Goldie (if not an extra room). But, I think it will even out with time…or not, but we’ll get used to it.

    I know what you mean about the legal paperwork. I’m sorry you have to repeat that insulting process every 6 months. It’s hard to feel grateful for something so demeaning even if it is good to have the option.

    Goldie had the hiccups in utero a fair amount and now that she’s on the outside she still has them a TON. They don’t really bother me because they don’t seem to bother her, but we call them Mommy Kryptonite because they upset Fern SO much. Breastfeeding makes them go away faster so no matter how recently she’s eaten or if she’s seems hungry or not, Fern seriously can’t help grabbing the baby and sticking her on to stop the hiccups. It’s sweet. :)

    Can’t wait for that belly shot!

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