waiting for a bus*

The discourse surrounding my last post has blown me away. It means the world to me to have such a widespread community with which to talk through these incredibly important issues. More on that to follow, as you’ve all given me a lot to consider.

This post, however, is all about fun.

So here it is: our family in the making. Thanks to our truly generous and talented photographer, W, who captured first our wedding and now J’s belly, and who will be with us to capture this little one’s early life when he gets here. If anyone wants details about W or her work, let me know. I could talk about how brilliant she is all day!

* Our dear friend Adrienne says that in the bench photo, it looks like we’re waiting for a bus. Indeed we are: the parenthood bus. And it is en route! :)


6 thoughts on “waiting for a bus*

  1. I could look at these photos all day. There is so much love and so much tenderness here; these photos perfectly convey “family” to me. (Also, I LOVE the contrast of J’s masculine shirts and a big belly. She is fierce.)

  2. Found you through Bionic– congrats on your growing family! Lovely photos. The love between you is so obvious. Thanks for being a part of this amazing community and for sharing your story.

  3. Wow. Such powerful photos! Your friend is an amazing photographer and she really captured the two of you so well. I love the second to the last one. I am always so moved by seeing pictures of two mama families. It is such a beautiful reminder that I’m not as isolated as I feel sometimes. Thank you for sharing!

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