.thirty-six weeks.

As this week’s ticker on the side of the blog reads, “Our baby is ready to launch.” It does feel like the Rabbit is attempting to launch himself outside of my body, though not through the usual channel! He’s been a strong, kicking, wiggle worm. It’s impossible to believe that he will likely be joining us within the next four weeks.

R and I, being the somewhat ambitious women that we are, have decided to lay new hardwood floors on the ground floor of our home next week. I could take the time to explain our logic, but suffice it to say we’re very pragmatic folks, so it’s all very sensical! Additionally, R also would like to actually start her semester off by meeting with her class at least once in January. Thus, we’re really hoping that Rabbit will stay put until at least January 11th (floors finished; classes begun). Since that’s only 38 weeks and 2 days, we’ve got a pretty good chance of making it to that goal. On the flip side, though, it would be VERY nice for him to come by the end of January. I can’t imagine, as so many of our friends have lately, carrying two weeks late. It sounds exhausting and anxiety-producing. Here’s hoping for a timely Rabbit delivery!

In other news, we had a very nice Christmas yesterday with lots of indulgence. We spent the day with our dear friend, A, and her two young adult kids. We ate Chinese food and lots of dessert, watched movies, and basically did nothing else all day. It was lovely. Rabbit was performing some of his “baby tricks,” so R decided to capture it on film. You can see the video here.

Here’s hoping that all of our friends, family, and blog-folks are having relaxing, joyful holidays!


2 thoughts on “.thirty-six weeks.

  1. Hello! I just found (and read) your blog. I’m glad to have gotten here before Rabbit makes his big debut! And, just to be ornery (and because your wife and I share a birthday), I’m going to hope for January 10th for your little Rabbit (just before midnight, so she can still go to class). Because I think half-birthdays are important, even if the rest of the world chooses not to think so.

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