built for this

J and I visited our beloved nurse practitioner yesterday, and she told J how well she’s carrying. She added, “you’re totally built for this. You have the kind of build that looks like you’re carrying an eight-pound baby when, in fact, you’re carrying a ten-pound baby.”

Hilarious (more for me, perhaps, than for J). And I agree: my wife is built for this. She’s been incredible throughout this pregnancy, and I have so much faith in her ability to bring our son safely into the world. I’m way way proud.  

So here are a few thirty-seven-week photos. What do you think, folks? Eight pounds? Ten pounds? Next week or two weeks overdue? Five hours of labor or fifty? (Don’t guess fifty. That would be rude.)


6 thoughts on “built for this

  1. Jax will go into labor the moment you feel like you might almost have just about everything ready to go (because you will never be absolutely ready). The baby will be just over 8 pounds and the labor will be almost 9 hours total. She will feel spectacular immediately following, as will you. And the baby boy will be lovely.

  2. What a beautiful belly! I think that it will be soon for both of us, possibly even on the very same day! Who knows? I’m guessing 8.4 lbs and a 14 hour labor. :)

  3. J looks incredible. Seriously. That belly is not messing around! I’m going to guess 8.5 lb baby and a 4 hour labor. Based on how the pregnancy’s gone, I believe that J is going to have a seamless labor. :)

  4. So excited for you! I’ll guess 8.7 lbs. and 6.5 hours of labor because J will rock it like that. Big hugs from your friends in SC. We’re all waiting with bated breath to meet the Rabbit.

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