.the (somewhat) disheveled waiting game.

We seem to have the makings of a good sitcom plot happening in our home tonight. We’re 37 weeks, 3 days pregnant and we have 27 cases of bamboo flooring, 160 linear feet of freshly painted (thanks to R) quarter rounding, and 5 rolls of floor padding taking up residence in our dining room.

Exhibit A – the semi-hostile takeover of our dining room:

Fortunately, we did have the decent sense to hire a contractor to install the floors, and he’ll be here at 8am tomorrow to begin the two-day project. They will shuffle all of our furniture about as they lay the floors, but we were responsible for moving all of our books and personal effects from the ground floor (read: R moved all of our books and personal effects while I took a two-hour evening nap). Thus, our generally clean and well-organized house is in a temporary state of total upheaval. This, as it turns out, gets on both of our “nesting” nerves. We want nothing more than to barrel through this project and have our perfect little space (albeit with new shiny floors) back in proper working order ASAP!

Exhibits B and C – R looking skeptical amidst our many, many books:

To make the week even more exciting, winter has finally arrived in the midwest. After what can only be described as a lackluster December in the snow department, Mother Nature dumped our first real snowstorm in our town starting January 1. As I had to return to work on the 2nd, R was kind enough to wake up at 6am to shovel the car out of the driveway (and shovel the walk, scrape the car, and salt everything…she’s quite good to me). All of that work was (somewhat) for naught, though, as the City plows hadn’t made their way to my campus. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get enough traction in our little Saab hatchback to make it up the hilly terrain to faculty parking. I turned around, drove slowly home, and tacked an extra morning onto my winter holiday.

Exhibit D – my incredibly adorable, sleep-deprived, frost-bitten wife:

In baby news, we had our 37 week appointment with our fabulous midwife, C, today. It’s really fun to get to meet with her every week. She agrees that Rabbit is dropping, though that could put labor anywhere from 1 day to 4.5 weeks away. As she said today, “If I had the crystal ball for predicting labor, I’d be the most sought after midwife out there!” Her professional guesstimate is that he’s somewhere between 6.5 and 7 lbs. Both she and R think that he’ll be 8.5 lbs. at birth. I can certainly handle that, though the 10 pound guess of our nurse practitioner just seems cruel! R was quite surprised at the fact that our midwife didn’t rule out the chance that Rabbit could come early (“you could have this baby tomorrow”), though there’s a very good chance that he’ll stay put for weeks to come. Still, I think that R is pretty freaked out by the mere possibility that he’ll come before the floors are done/before she even has one class meeting with her new students. Mostly I find her surprised-worry amusing, but I really don’t think he’ll make his appearance until at least a week from now. God knows, though, that I could be super-wrong!

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print tonight. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress! Thanks for all of your kind words and generous guesses of short labor times! You’re a wonderful community of friends…


9 thoughts on “.the (somewhat) disheveled waiting game.

  1. Wow! What a huge undertaking at almost 38 weeks! I’m so glad you have someone laying the floors for you. And snow! Man I wish and wish for snow but nothing happens. Guess I’ll have to deal with another 70 degree day here in Austin, though in January it doesn’t seem right.

  2. Remembering back to our painting a year ago, and your door installation with the Baptist visitors, it seems that home improvement projects always seem to take on quite a comic character in your household : ) I love you both, am excited to see the new and improved floors, and especially can’t wait to meet this Rabbit! Love, M

  3. I hope he holds out until all those books are back in place! But it’ll be so nice to have the floors done and ready. I keep eyeing our attic and thinking how if we could just get it insulated it would be no problem to put up drywall and make it into an extra floor, but I think that’s just the pregnancy hormones talking…

  4. You all are FIERCE!!! I’m considering getting hardwood but am curious about the cost and install. Won’t you, oh won’t you, tell more about this? :)

    • It took a lot of research to make up our minds on this one. Obviously, the more money you have to put into the project, the nicer the results. For us, it was a balance between money and necessity. Our original hardwood floors were painfully thin and cold. They were too worn to be refinished, so we painted them when we bought the house in 09. With the baby on the way (and selling the house looming in the next 18 months), we wanted to do something with the floors. We decided on bamboo for three reasons: 1) It’s more cost-effective than traditional hardwoods; 2) It’s a sustainably harvested wood, which fits with the ethos of our cottage; and 3) It’s very soft and well-insulating, which we thought would make the baby more comfortable. It IS soft, though, so it doesn’t have the lifespan of hardwood. As we don’t have a dog, don’t wear our shoes inside, and have already padded the bottoms of our furniture because of the painted floors, this isn’t a problem for us. However, some folks find that bamboo scratches too easily for their liking. And when I say that it’s cost-effective, don’t get me wrong, this is still an expensive project. We could have gone with a nice wood laminate (one of the new pergos), which come with lifetime warranties for almost half the cost. It wasn’t the right material for our house, but many of the laminates do look very nice these days. Sorry for the long winded answer; I hope this helps!

  5. I am impressed! ‘Nesting’ has a whole new meaning at your house! Hopefully he’ll stay put until the project is done and you are ready for his arrival. When you need them, I’ll be sending easy labor vibes your way!

  6. The pictures of R’s bemusement surrounded by all your books made me laugh, because I got caught up in a home project myself about two weeks ago–switching out bookcases and purging some old books. Granted, I’m not nesting, but every so often, I get caught up in this mania of rearranging that leaves my J baffled with its sudden, aggressive outbreaks. I’m hoping your project has a swift and happy conclusion!

  7. So close! I’m excited read about your last minute prep, big and small. This is the day in our pregnancy that Goldie was born – they were way off with the weight estimate they did right before the OB sent us to the hospital. There’s a lot of mystery right now – it’s such an exciting time!

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