nearly twenty-four

Thank you all; your encouragement is truly sustaining. We’re heading into twenty-four hours soon; as our doula said, “you didn’t draw the fast and easy labor card.” We’re still (back) at home, and we still haven’t slept much, though we’ve spent several hours of the day holed up in our dark bedroom, resting silently together between contractions. We’ve been eating (thanks for the reminders). I am honestly in awe of J, how she’s keeping her humor intact, how she’s staying upbeat. “Just not forty-eight hours,” she pleads. Contractions are still irregular, but they’re coming more quickly now: every four to six minutes. It’s getting more painful in her back. We’re trying to stay home until she’s at two to three minutes, at least a minute at a time, for two hours. J just said she feels like that episode of BSG when the fleet has to jump every thirty-three minutes to escape the Cylons. We are so tired.


21 thoughts on “nearly twenty-four

  1. The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t thank you enough for the updates. Patience is so hard but just imagine seeing that precious face for the first time. Take care and much love:)

  2. You are doing amazing! I did 52 hours, and while it was unbelievably intense, I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you can wait, do! C stood strong for me when and waited and I feel so blessed to have had those last few quiet hours together with just the two of us. Best of luck, you’re doing awesome.

  3. Sending lots of energy. We had similar slow going many years ago and it isn’t easy (for either of you). Hang in there and I’m glad you have a doula with you. Can you and the doula trade off so you can get some real sleep? It really really really is OK to take a break and get some real rest R, *especially* since you have some extra support there, and you may well need the energy later (it’s hard without the extra hormones…). And yes. Eat. Some more. Now. Good job….


  4. Oh, I haven’t checked blogs since yesterday and look at all I’ve missed!
    Woo hoo! Contractions! I hope that things are picking up a bit and that the two of you are feeling somewhat rested and ready Rabbit’s arrival!
    All the best. Can’t wait for you to meet your baby!!

  5. Holding mamas & baby in my positive thoughts! So excited for you! And here’s as good a time as any to thank you for sharing in this space. For those of us (ahem) who are struggling with identity issues and trying to figure out a future that lets us live out and in love…the slice of life you share here nourishes and inspires. Thank you, thank you, and may continued peace and joy be yours as your family blooms.

  6. So very excited for you. Extremely!!! I have started reading and as much as I enjoyed learning before, I am excited to keep learning in a new sense. Keeping all three of you in my thoughts!!!

  7. Hold on mamas! Keep drinking lots of water and keep eating! I hope you both get some rest because it sounds like things are about to get crazy! Thanks for the updates, we’ve been worried about you both!

  8. Hope Rabbit is in your arms as we speak, and if not, then that he will be very soon!!! I know it might not feel like it, but this part will be over soon <3

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