patience and alignment

Thanks for all the love and kindness in response to J’s middle.of.the.night post. She went on to have nine straight hours of strong contractions every two to three minutes. She is indescribably strong. Unfortunately, when we headed to the hospital this morning, we learned that because Rabbit’s head isn’t quite aligned with J’s cervix, her strong labor contractions aren’t making her dilate (because the baby’s head isn’t pushing against the cervix with each contraction, as it needs to be).

This was a HUGE disappointment after a long night of labor, but the midwife on call is confident that (especially with a few particular birth ball moves), Rabbit will line right up and things will progress very soon, today or maybe tomorrow. J is still having strong contractions, though the frequency has backed off for the time being. We decided to come home: to nap, to eat, to labor here and get our boy in line. :)

J is taking this setback like the badass she is. We hope to have more (good) news to post soon. Thanks again for all the support; I’m off to nap between contractions (and to pray for patience and alignment).


16 thoughts on “patience and alignment

  1. Good luck. I’m sorry for the setback but I just know J is going to be amazing! Remember to eat a lot now (R, I’m looking at you!)because you don’t know when it will get too intense to eat.

    I’m so excited to meet rabbit!

  2. I’ve been following along anonymously for a few months now, loving how how thoughtful and sincere you both are. sending you all lots and lots of love and good energy today and hoping rabbit makes his brand entrance soon!

  3. I just have to tell you that it is the highlight of my day/night when I see…breaking into blossom…in the “From” column on my Android. Your story is as inspiring as any I have ever read. I am thinking of you and sending love and support. Joanne

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed. The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers:) Get some good rest and eat well. Looking forward to the next post

  5. This boy is asking so much patience of his mamas, but he’ll be here in no time and it will be wonderful! I love you all so much and, admittedly, am about to cry here at my laptop in my office thinking of the joy and excitement in your family right now and wishing I could be there!

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