.something’s brewing.

I’m having some painful, but not altogether regular, contractions tonight. Sometimes they’re only two minutes apart and sometimes they are ten minutes, so it’s hard to get a beat on what’s happening. I’m reasonably comfortable between them (as long as I’m not lying down), so I thought I’d try to blog to keep myself occupied. R is busy *insert contraction* readying our hospital bag, in case this is it.

Our town is under a deluge of snow after a recent winter storm (and our gym was closed today because of the MLK holiday), so we went for our evening walk at the mall (blah, the mall). In true classy fashion, I lost my mucus plug in the mall bathroom. When we got home, I noticed that I was leaking a very clear, watery fluid every time I stood up form peeing. We’re not sure if that’s amniotic fluid or more mucus-y fun, but if this doesn’t turn into full blown labor tonight, then we’ll definitely go into the midwives in the morning to see if the sac has spring a leak. I’m also having intermittent pink spotting, though it’s not the “bloody show” I was anticipating. *insert next contraction*

So it’s hard to tell what’s happening. I wish that we could just lay down and try to get some sleep, which is what R has been suggesting since the get-go, but I just CAN’T get comfortable in any prone position. I feel general discomfort laying there and then I feel panicky and trapped when the contractions hit and I can’t get myself into a more comfortable position quickly enough. Not the ideal situation for sleep. We had a busy day today, though, so I know that it’s really important that we try to rest as much as possible; especially considering the likelihood that we could be looking at days of this to come.

*** This is R now. J’s contractions are getting more intense. I’m trying to get her to eat and then rest, but I’m publishing what J wrote now because she wrote it so that all you good people would be thinking healthy mama, healthy baby vibes. Thanks for any love sent our way!***


13 thoughts on “.something’s brewing.

  1. Ooh, wow! Wishing you a peaceful, joyful experience as you bring your little one into the world. (Longtime reader, first time commenter here…)

  2. !!! So exciting!!! Here’s to a birth filled with wonder and love. Thinking of the 3 of you tonight – and cannot wait to see photos!

  3. OOOMMMMMGGG! So excited for you girls! Healthy mamma, healthy baby! You 3 will be in my thoughts today and I hope this was it and everything went/is going perfectly!

  4. Definitely sounds like labor to me!! Though it might be coming too late, I wish you both good luck, strength (both mental and physical), focus, and calm, quiet, perfect first moments of new life.

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