six days in photographs

Bram in a forest of owls.

This boy has some overalls.

The loves of my life.

Every time Bram and I do skin-to-skin, he wraps his left arm around me this way. I can’t think of much better.

B & Aunt Kippie. They’re fond of one another.

His mouth. As J said, smooches on those lips are each worth about an hour of sleep.


9 thoughts on “six days in photographs

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and I just have to say I am SO happy for your family and that little boy is beautiful! Congratulations to both you wonderful mamas and your lucky little one,

  2. “i thank you for choosing me
    to come through unto life to be
    a beautiful reflection of his grace.

    i know that a gift so great
    is only one that god could create
    and i’m reminded everytime i see your face.”

    – lauren hill

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