Abram. Abby. Bramble. Bramble Bunny. B Rabbit. Bramblesaurus. Bram Muffin. Son.

B & his gorgeous mum:

B & mama:

Pensive Bram:

Restful Bram:

Bram & his music-mama: (This kid doesn’t have God-parents, but he does have a bevy of loved ones to mentor him into good life. Madeline Jane’s got him covered on the music front, as any of you who’ve heard her sing can attest.)

This year’s irises:

Brother-love: (Hades is actually laying on Bram’s feet.)

Nota Bene: I can’t thank you all enough for your encouragement, your wisdom, and your thoughtful responses, not just to my last (insecure) post, but throughout our labor. I have distinct memories of reading your comments in the hospital, feeling beyond grateful to all of you (long-time and new readers alike) for holding us up. I feel as though this community has mentored us into new parenthood, and I thank you.


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