my favorite time of day

is the morning-time, after Bram’s last stretch of sleep, which so far ends around 9am. J lets me sleep through this feeding and diaper change, and I wake up to the light filtering in through the curtains and the sounds of my family in the next room. For a few days now, this time has come after a somewhat sleepless night, but that last stretch – from 6 or 7am to 9am – is the coziest of the whole night. Once J has changed and fed B, she brings him to me and I take my shirt and his onesie off for skin-to-skin while J goes to make breakfast. We snug together that way, or do some baby massage, or face each other in side-lying for twenty or so minutes before J returns with toast and coffee (for me) on a tray. She opens the curtains and comes back to bed, where we eat together gazing at our (usually still quietly-watchful) son.

I don’t know that there was ever any intention behind this routine, though if there was it was all J’s. Neither do I know how long it will last. What I know, though, is that it’s a sweet, and peaceful, and lovely way to start each day.

Some photographs:

How we find him in his porta-crib when we catch him before he starts to cry:

Hades and Nemesis often join us for family mornings:

This isn’t morning skin-to-skin, but it is the general (though overly-clothed) idea:

My breakfast-making hero and our dressed-again boy:

Post-morning-time alertness. How beautiful is this person?:

*Thanks for all the thoughtful advice on my last post. My plan is to respond to you all individually, but my plans fall apart these days, so if I fail at that: your encouragement means a lot.


2 thoughts on “my favorite time of day

  1. Oh my goodness how he has changed. I love those big eyes. He is so beautiful. So much love to the 3 of you. Your posts just warm my heart.

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