Bram still likes to be worn. A lot. And he is still the sweetest.

He also rocks it retro-style.

Here he is with the novel that inspired his name: Burger’s Daughter, Nadine Gordimer’s fictitious retelling of Bram Fischer’s life (or more accurately, the life of one of his daughters). This is the first novel I fell in love with in grad school and it’s a big part of my voice chapter. If Bram doesn’t grow up loving books, it won’t be for lack of access.

Bath time: a big big hit in our cottage. (Naked time in general is a hit; the water is just a bonus.)

Okay, so the boy isn’t in this photo – and I’m not even sure J knew I was taking it – but seriously, folks: my wife is gorgeous. I’m more in love now than ever. I can’t tell you how sexy it is to watch her grow into such an amazing parent to our son. She really blows me away.

We’ve finally started to adore floor time (a great triumph for my back). We also adore Mortimer the Moose.

Me (and Hades) after J’s first day back to work. Boy is two-person attachment parenting easier than one-person. Still, we are figuring it out. And we are so so happy, if tired.

B and I sending our best love and luck to mommy on her first day of doula training. We just know she’s going to be awesome at this new gig.

Though it was threatening at first, this has become one of my favorite-ever sights. I adore seeing my two loves connect so deeply.

Our boy at two months! He’s quickly gaining on Ramona. And he steals our hearts more each day.


9 thoughts on “two-month-happy

  1. the love you feel for your spouse after seeing the beauty that you two can create together…..well that is just priceless. i remember bob coming home to see us and just bursting and bubbling and gushing. it was lovelier than words can describe. love the photo journal. so precious and delightful. the last picture of him i picture him saying, “yep.” plain and simple. here i am. life’s good….yep. :)

  2. Oh, I just love these pictures! I can see the love, happiness and contentment in all of you. Can you believe it’s two months already? These little ones are so amazing…

  3. I’m loving the mother-and-son photos of you and J with Bram. When he’s with each one of you, I see little bits of both of you in him. It’s very precious. He is a heart-melter, for sure!

    On an unrelated-to-Bram note: I’m intrigued by the Gordimer and I’ve never read anything by her. Should I start with *Burger’s Daughter* or would another work be better? I ask, because I am looking to make a fairly seismic shift in academic focus–in fact, I’ll just send you an email with details. :)

  4. I just found your blog and am so touched by all of it. Your whole story moved me and seeing the two of you become a family of three comforts me that all the struggle we go through is worthwhile. Thanks for all of that!

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