.life is good.

Five things that I really like about my life today:

– R is taking the boy to his first story time at the public library this afternoon (it’s a baby “lapsit” program). I’m bummed that I can’t attend with them, as I’m at work, but I’m so stoked that they’re able to go. My mom used to be the story time lady at my elementary school, so I’m extremely partial to this practice.

– The first 100-mile Farmer’s Market of the season is this evening at our Co-op. Plus, our regular city farmer’s market starts up this coming Saturday, and our organic CSA starts in three weeks!

– Bram has taken to sitting in his bumbo in the middle of the dining room table while we eat lunch and dinner these days. He watches us so intently while we eat. He’s even reached out for things here and there, and, though he’s too young for any solids yet, we’re stoked to think that he will be an “enjoyer” of food!

– We’re in the process of hiring a part-time, in-home sitter for Bram so that R can actually have dedicated time for dissertating. The young woman that we’re hiring is a talented, enthusiastic musician who is fluent in ASL. We’re so excited that she’ll sing and sign with B. Also, she’s totally happy to accommodate our attachment parenting/cloth diapering lifestyle. We’re also stoked because she’ll be coming over one evening a month so that R and I can have a genuine grown-ups date night! Yay!

– I feel like I’m really hitting my stride with this parenthood thing. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I think that B is thriving and R and I are strong and connected. B changes everyday. Last week, he decided that bedtime should be around 8pm every evening, so we’ve been enjoying the transition of having an actual evening to ourselves. He’s usually up twice in the night to eat, but he’s so damn sleepy and cuddly that I actually find myself waking up before him in the night, listening for his cues so that we can snug together. He has a new lovey, lapinos the french bunny (featured in the photo below). We think he’s likely teething, as he wants to munch on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g and he drools like a mastiff puppy. He can sit up with only the slightest parental support. He will not let us wean him from his night swaddler yet, so we’ve stopped trying for the time being.

Mostly, all of this is to say that this kid is awesome, my wife is awesome, and this life is beyond my wildest imaginings. I am truly grateful.



6 thoughts on “.life is good.

  1. Look at that Chewy Mc’Bug! He’s so sweet. I love how thoughtful he is. He fits so perfectly as a R and J son. I’m happy that some things have fallen into place and life is good, as it should be. Love to you three!

  2. Love this picture so much. And I couldn’t be happier for you three. Thanks for sharing your joy with us :)

  3. so fun and lovely. and what a difference it makes to feel trust and confidence for a sitter. ours loves g as if he is one of her grandkids (and actually refers to us as “family”). it really puts a parent’s mind and heart at ease. it is so fun to watch all of the little ways that they develop and grow. it’s tempting for me to lunge into the future thought-wise and imagine all the things he’ll be able to do. then moments like sweet little nursing/cuddly time pull me right back into the present and all of it’s loveliness. oh, and uh, teething? most definitely. :) hugs to you all! d

    • Thanks, Danielle! And we found an amber teething necklace, which, while I’m not sure how much it soothes his teething pains, looks freakishly adorable ;-)

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