.quick update.

I’ve been kicking around a number of more in-depth blogs lately, but I just haven’t found the time to collect my thoughts and sit down to write. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d give a brief update on our little family. Bram is feeling much better after almost a week of feeling punky with the stomach flu. Poor little guy; It was hard to see him so uncomfortable. We had a nice visit with my dad this past weekend. We went to a local parade, the farmer’s market, an art fair, a library sale, and out to eat twice. Whew! Bram certainly finds Grandad charming! And our new bedroom situation has found us co-sleeping throughout most of the night these days, which we all love! I don’t regret our decision to room-in (but not family bed) with him when he was smaller. It made both of us nervous and Bram slept in his side-car crib just fine. Still, it’s nice to be cultivating this new phase of intimacy at night, especially with being gone during so much of the work week. I know I’ve said it before, but I really think that Bram is going to cut a tooth this week. He’s been giving us teething behavior for two months now, surely something will pop up soon!

So I promise that my next post will either be 1) well-thought out and intellectually engaging, or 2) filled with new, cute pictures of the baby. For now, though, this is just to say that we’re doing well and loving life at 4.5 months!

All good things to you and yours…

P.S. Edited to add this sweet photo of our boy and his granddad. Very much love.


5 thoughts on “.quick update.

  1. Glad to hear that B is starting to feel better and that things seem to be going along so well for the whole family. I loved sleeping with our little guy when he was small too, though we never consistently had him in the bed with us (too dangerous with our setup!).

    Looking forward to new posts and lots of Bram photos!

  2. Just saw R & B on Butcheswithbabies.tumblr! I’ve been following this blog for a long time now, so it’s nice to see y’all over there, too. You can find many pictures of my wife & our daughter, Ziv, on there, as well:)

  3. Ooh what a fun surprise — saw your sweet photo on the B+B tumblr as well this afternoon and had to come say hello again! I haven’t commented much lately but have been reading faithfully since shortly before B was born. Glad the little one is in better spirits now. Hope you all enjoy a lovely warm weekend…summers are far too short-lived here!

  4. That sounds like an amazing weekend! It was pride here in our little city, and I was astounded by the number of adorable little queer families. It’s great to find support online, but there’s nothing better than seeing a queer family out and about in the world.

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