favorites, (nearly) five months

Oh-so-much love for this moment with our wee Bramble. Too much not to document it and risk forgetting it later.

So in no particular order:

  • Co-sleeping. It’s a struggle because B wakes up more and wants to nurse ALL.NIGHT.LONG – so we’re not doing full nights – but those moments when I look over and see that he’s holding my hand with one of his, and J’s with the other? Oh my heart.
  • Strong opinions. He’s got them. He loves jazz (even the stuff J finds horribly discordant). He adores beards and long, curly hair and seems to wish one of us would grow at least one of these things. He gets angry at the end of every bottle, but can always be appeased by a trip to the back window (where he’ll just stare and stare at our yard). He is madly in love with our boy cat, Hades, and he squeals with delight every time H comes around (scaring the hell out of said cat, I might add, which B finds baffling as he doesn’t understand why H doesn’t want to snuggle while he squeals). He hates car rides because he doesn’t get why we’d put him in that thing when we could just hold him, thank you very much. He never would take a pacifier. He’s a winter baby: he doesn’t appreciate the sun or the heat. He can’t fathom why I would ever want to sit down while wearing or holding him, even once he’s asleep. [I think he’s preparing me for when he starts walking and I never sit down again.] He digs nice smells: one sniff of Angel Baby Earth Mama Nipple Butter and his whole face lights up. He loves a smooch and thinks the best way to give one is by opening his mouth as WIDE as possible. He still refuses to lay down to nap, but I’ve come to love this fact, as I know it won’t last. He adores being worn. A lot. He loves looking at picture books of chickens. Like, more than he likes looking at board books. Which he mostly would prefer to eat. And he is beside himself with joy (grinning from giant ear to giant ear) each time his pomo comes home from work.
  • Routines. Not parent-imposed, but baby-led. How he wakes up every morning all quiet and smiling and snuggly-sweet. How he requires at least three songs at night before he’ll fall asleep, and how he wakes up every night, within an hour of falling asleep, just for a little more rocking and sweetness. His two short morning and one long afternoon naps. How we know him well enough now to get the subtly of sounds and body language.
  • Quirkiness. He has one inch-and-a-half-long hair behind his right ear.  His fingernails grow at what I assume to be a superhuman rate. His thumbs and big toes continue to outpace their fellows. He only.just.now started to finally get a little pudgy: his cheeks have doubled in size in the last two weeks, and he’s gained a chin or two, depending on angle. And his feet stink despite never wearing shoes (which in true parent form, I can’t get enough of).

And photo facts:

  • He looks darling with honeysuckle behind his ear.

  • He loves to dance. In arms. While standing. While laying on his back moving all of his limbs just.short.of rhythmically while we dance around him.

  • He dug his first Pride from the safety of pomo’s Baby Hawk.

  • And from his proud PFLAG-button-wearing bubbie’s arms.

  • He is desperately ready to crawl. I suspect bodily limitations will frustrate him.

  • His legs currently look like this.

  • He’s a good nephew.

  • And he is the sweetest being I’ve ever met.


10 thoughts on “favorites, (nearly) five months

  1. As a fellow winter-baby, I sympathize with B’s non-enjoyment of heat/sun. I think he is going to LOVE the snow, which makes it fortuitous where you happen to live right now. Also: how cute is he????

  2. You guys look so, so happy. I’ve been reading along and your updates always bring a smile to my face. He’s absolutely darling and very squeezable. I’d wear him all the time, too! :)

  3. Wow his legs are just like my boys and he does the same beautiful almost dance on his back as if composing and conducting at the same time.

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