We are on a STREAK. This is not to be confused with streaking. Which, by the way, I did not do when – about eight years ago – I was drunk for one of a handful of times in my whole life, and I yelled “we’re going streaking!” while I ran through my apartment complex and dove into the pool — completely dressed.

But this is nothing like that. We are on a good, good streak. A deluge of goodness. Our lives are just chock-full of happy. And serendipity. And I want to be sure to notice.

I remember in 2011 feeling like we just couldn’t catch a break. And I don’t think there’s any way to avoid those periods of your life, nor to avoid noticing them. But they become kind of self-fulfilling, right? Like, every tiny thing that happens – most of which, on its own, wouldn’t even be noteworthy – becomes further evidence that the universe has it in for you. What starts as four or five terrible things in a row turns into a full year of your bad luck because you read simple annoyances like traffic congestion as a sign that things will never be good again.

And then you wake up and they are. And what I’m thinking right now is that you better damn well notice when that happens. And you better read every single little sweet thing that happens as evidence that you’re on a good streak – that the universe is madly in love with your sweet self – because who knows how long this spell will last, and it’s a thousand times more worthy of your attention that the bad streak that preceded it. So when telemarketers wake up your baby from his nap, you don’t even notice. But when friends let you hang out on their screened-in porch chatting the afternoon away, your life feels delicious. A good streak. Not to be overlooked. So here, in no particular order – with big deals mixed in amongst the frivolous – are a few of the elements of our current good, good streak. There are some great (amazing. unbeatable.) things we can’t talk about yet, but even without those, this, my friends, is a bonafide streak:

  1. We had brunch this weekend with our beloved friends B & P in a new, small (eighteen top), foodie establishment that makes gluten free, dairy free beignets. Great friends and gf/df beignets are streak worthy in and of themselves.
  2. Though I know not everyone has this experience, J and I are both beside.ourselves.over.the.moon with this thing that is parenthood. Like, lords this is fun!  J is the most inspiring pomo you can imagine, and for my part, being a mama is ineffably great. And this kid! Aw man is he wonderful. And he gets wonderfulER every day! Cute and sweet and curious and trusting. So delighted with the world, and sure of his safety, and ready to meet each new moment. This family. You can’t beat it with a stick. (And we’d be SUPER pissed if you tried.)
  3. Our sweet MJB is back in town for the summer! This had better mean live concerts.
  4. We celebrated Aunt Kippie’s thirty-first birthday! Our boy loves his Aunt Kippie. (We’re pretty fond ourselves.)
  5. Our home study is scheduled for July 6th. If all goes well, birth mothers should be able to consider our family for their babies by end of summer.
  6. I got two new birthday wraps — a total indulgence, but I wear this boy SO. MUCH. that one wrap wasn’t really getting us there. I mean, he spits up a lot, which means that every once in a while, I really need to wash a wrap. And wearing the same wrap everyday is also a lot like wearing the same t-shirt every day. Every. Day. And different wraps are good for different temperatures, carries, activities. So I got a Girasol Symphuo Rosa/Fuschia weft (whom I call Rosa) from J, and a Didymos Indio Porrinho (whom I call Indio) from my sweet mama. With Leo, my stash is now set. I hope to carry three happy babies in all three of these wonderful wraps, and to give each of my children a wrap when they’re grown so they can (if they choose) wear their own babies in them one day.
  7. We’ve got our August vacation to Charleston all planned out! We’ll get to spend lots of time with J’s parents, we’re taking an overnight to Savannah with some VERY pregnant friends, AND some wonderful friends of ours (with the kind of kitchen you salivate just thinking about cooking in) will be out of town, so they’re letting us crash at their house for EIGHT DAYS for FREE!!! They’re about ten minutes from the beach. They have lots of bed options for co-sleeping. Their house is gorgeous. And they’re coming back in time for us to visit for two days before we have to leave! (And to cook for them. In that kitchen.) We’ll get to hit our favorite farmers markets, eat at lots of our favorite restaurants, show B our favorite island beach, stroll around the peninsula, visit our sweet old college and all our professor friends there, introduce Bram to all his southern admirers, and have a delightful home base to bring him back to/relax in between outings. And we’re staying long enough that we can do just one or two things a day, and lounge about the rest of the time! This = vacation perfection.
  8. I have decided that I’m not longer afraid of flying. I have decided to be among the many, many people who find flying to be relaxing and joyful and exciting. Because really: wearing a napping B for a (not-quite-even) two-hour flight? And letting him nurse at take-off and landing? SO. MUCH. BETTER. than days and days and days in a car where we have ignore B signing “up,” which just breaks his little heart. And thus ours. So, flying. I love it! I can’t get enough of it!
  9. We’re going to visit my family for an AMAZING cookout this Saturday (my mom has been working on the delicious menu for weeks!), we’re camping with Thea and her moms NEXT Saturday, and we’re going to Laura’s wedding the Saturday after that! Hello, sweet summer!
  10. And speaking of: J’s summer schedule starts next week! 20 hours a week for two months, baby!
  11. We added side rails to the bed for extra safety, and now we’re co-sleeping all the time. I can’t even tell you how much joy this brings us all. For those of you who wrote with encouragement and advice, thank you so much! This little baby’s face, sleeping, so close to ours? His hands reaching out in the night, just to be sure of us? Magic.
  12. B napping on me right now in a loose Kangaroo carry, grinning away in his sleep.
  13. Our two-year-old friend telling me two visits in a row that B is a “happy baby.” Because two-year-olds know. And I can’t think of a single thing that is more important than this boy being happy.
  14. Having FINALLY gotten my hair back to its natural color. It took FOUR color processes to bleach all the red out, and then to dye it back to my natural color so it can grown in that way, but I’m finally there. I miss the red, but when Bram was born, and I saw his perfect, artifice-free self, I felt an instant aversion to artifice. So for now, anyway, I have decided to embrace my dishwater blonde hair. Though in embracing it, I should probably find a more appealing name for it.
  15. L’s wedding is a great excuse for a new dress. So, I get a new dress!
  16. Our sitter is amazing. B loves her. We love her. She loves B. There’s love. (And trust.)
  17. I finished a barely-drafted-but-still-drafted-drafty-draft of my penultimate chapter. So I’m working on the last first draft of my dissertation now. Once I finish this one, I’ll have a full first draft, and I’ll get to leave behind the grunt work of from.scratch.writing and dive into a full academic year of revision: reading deeply into theoretical works, building up scholarly context, playing and playing and playing with language. My favorite parts of writing. AND I’m down to only one (of thirteen) primary sources to re-read: Nadine Gordimer’s Burger’s Daughter, which is a fictitious retelling of Bram Fischer’s life and family. So I get to think a lot about our boy’s namesake. And I get to spend time with the first novel I fell in love with as a graduate student. This all seems just right to me.
  18. We got together with seven of the eight families from our natural childbirth class! All healthy babies. All lined up. :)
  19. J and I finally found a movie we both want to see! So soon – maybe in the next week? – we will take our second date in this boy’s lifetime and head to the big, downtown, air conditioned theater. And we’ll sit together in the dark for two or so hours. We’ll probably even hold hands. Then we’ll drive home, talking about our son the whole way.

See? A streak, right? I mean, I can’t even apologize for this post’s blatant overuse of exclamation points!!!


12 thoughts on “streak!

  1. So happy for you — I feel the same way about parenting. Every age brings its own challenges, of course, and most days have trying moments, but the joys of it? Impossible to surpass. If you think 6 months is fun (and it is!!), just wait until 18 months or 2 or four. Little people are the best.

  2. I could really use a summer like yours, and not just because it’s currently winter where I live!

    I find your blog inspiring, and it has already clarified for me some of the issues in my own mind about being an adoptive mom. I love the deliberate and present way in which you make parenting decisions. We try to do that but don’t always succeed… things change a lot faster and without warning when they’re 10! At least I think so, my daughter was a toddler when I met her so I haven’t done the baby thing and have no desire to do so.

    Your story and the eloquent way in which you tell it, as well as some of the blogs I clicked to from yours, has for ever banished from my mind the last shreds of prejudice against same-sex couples. Thank you. And sorry if that’s not the best term to use.

    Please explain more about signing?

  3. Oh, and signing. It’s helpful to use baby signs with pre-verbal babies because it allows them to communicate with you before the can say words! There are tons of books on baby signs. So far, Bram only signs “up,” but we use “milk,” “more,” and “all done” with him a lot. Also, “mama,” “pomo,” and “cat.” It’s a lot of fun.

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