photo challenge, 1

I owe replies to lots of you, and about a thousand updates. So many that it’s overwhelming, really, so I thought I might try something new.

Olive over at Insert Metaphor (I love Olive) is doing a photo challenge. I’m a bit late getting started, but I thought I’d change the rules up anyway, so no matter. My plan is to try to post photos in the order listed on the challenge, even if I can’t post them every day. And I thought I’d update you on one or two things each time I do. The photos and text won’t have anything to do with each other, really, but it might be interesting to see if they converse in some way.

Nota bene: I’m no photographer, and I use a digital point-and-shoot. I’m doing this more for the creative outlet (the quick kind as opposed to the slow slog that is my dissertation), so be kind.

Alright. Without further ado:

Day 1: Self-Portrait. Unshowered. No make-up. Life as a stay-at-home mama.

The updates:

* B’s new birth certificate came. It’s a whole different form from the first one we were issued: no “mother” and “father,” just “parent” and “parent.” I am blown away by its beauty. I’m trying to decide what we should do with the original one. It’s his first birth certificate, so it seems like something we should keep, but it has one parent listed, and this little baby has never never never never never only had one parent. Which means that, in addition to being deeply painful, it’s also just factually wrong. I can’t imagine ever wanting to look at it again, and I would hate for B to see it. What would you do with it?

* School started back, but not for me. I am lucky lucky lucky to have these fellowships, but I’m more sad than I expected to be not to have new students, new texts to teach, new exhilarating conversations twice a week.


8 thoughts on “photo challenge, 1

  1. Hooray! I’m glad you’re playing along and I love your first photo. How exciting that the new birth certificate is there already! We never applied for/received G’s original certificate so we only have the corrected one. If I were you I wouldn’t keep it in the house. Maybe have a celebration and set it out to sea!

  2. Good to hear from you and glad that you’re joining in on the photo challenge!
    I have no suggestions on the original birth certificate. The fact that you’re not on it seems ridiculous. I’m sure if you keep it and B ever sees it he will think the same thing.
    I hear you on missing the students. I drove by my school today. My classroom is right at the front of the building and I could see the lights on under the curtain. It was painful.

  3. I think you and Jax should quietly burn the defective certificate. It should never have been issued that way and you do not need it to ever turn up in your futures. I was thrilled to read the correct one lists parent and parent, that is beautiful.

  4. Nice to read this update, and see that sweet pic. Thanks for pointing me to the challenge; think I’ll try to join in, here and there. Our original birth certificate, I think we tossed. Because yeah – the empty “father” section burns. His amended one has two parents listed, though I am in the “father” category. THE FATHER CATEGORY. Well, at least it acknowledges that we’re both his parents now and forever. Anyway, I’d get rid of the original … perhaps with a little ceremonial flair?

    Best of luck with that dissertation writing. So fantastic to have the fellowships.

  5. Beautiful! I look forward to viewing this photo project :)

    I don’t have any advice on that faulty birth certificate — just do what feels right for your family.

  6. That’s a really good way to do the photo challenge – I’ve never been very good at keeping up with daily challenges, but doing one in your own time seems perfect :)

    Sounds like you need a carthatic way to get rid of the old certificate, but maybe burning it gives it too much attention…

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