photo challenge, 2

Something that makes me happy:

This framed print. It was a gift from our dear friend Beth. It’s the “January, 2012” page of a calendar project my city puts together. A different artist designs each month. We got the 2010 calendar project as a wedding gift. I bought the 2011 calendar project because I loved having 2010, and also because we were due with E.E. in July, and I adored July’s page so much that I planned to frame it and put it up in her room. By the time 2012’s project came out, we were well into our pregnancy with Bram, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the calendar project again. Still, when I saw January’s page, I was undone. It was so peaceful, and it reminded me of the first happy, peaceful dream I had after we lost E, which I wrote about in February of 2011. When my friend Beth bought the 2012 project, I told her that if B came in January (which of course he did, on the same day as his sister), I would love to have that page when she was done with it. I forgot about that conversation (sleep deprivation will do that) until she came to me with something wrapped in brown paper. It was this. She had it framed for me. It’s the perfect example of what a thoughtful human she is, and it makes me immensely happy.

* Thank you for all the recommendations for what to do with the original certificate. I’ll let you know what we decide.

* Yesterday was a bad bad day, and we no longer have a sitter for Bram. I’m wondering what you all prefer for part-part time (two or three half days a week) for an infant: in-home care or a small center?

* J and I have been doing a little exercise to help us connect at the end of each long day (or that’s the idea; sometimes we skip and go straight to “Friday Night Lights”). A couple of weeks ago, we each wrote down twenty things that could be accomplished in twenty minutes after B goes to bed, each thing on a separate scrap of paper. We put them all in a hat, and we pull one out most nights. So far, we’ve drawn things like “play backgammon and drink tea” (something we haven’t made time for since B was born), “re-watch our wedding videos together,” and “pick a city, pretend we’re moving there, and find a house to buy there on the internet.” Last night, we drew: “I’ll tell you five things I appreciate about you, and you do the same.” It was wonderful to spend time thinking about the the person I married – the complex qualities it’s taken me years to really understand – and it was sweet to hear nice things from her about me, most of which I would have thought were invisible or not noticed. Anyway, this whole thing has been a lot of fun, and it only takes twenty minutes a day. I’m glad we’re doing it; I’ve missed paying real attention to J, which is just hard to prioritize when we spend all day and night carrying for a little one. But I don’t want us to get lost in the shuffle. I love us.


7 thoughts on “photo challenge, 2

  1. We will take care of Bram during the day. I am sure he would enjoy tin foil boats, grocery shopping, and playing at the park with us :) The commute, though, would be a bit rough.

  2. I love the 20 minute idea! And I love that Bram goes to bed! :)

    I’m sorry you lost your sitter – I hope nothing happened. We were really set on an in-home caregiver or sitter, but fell in love with our little center. Even though G has had three colds since visiting and then starting, we are so glad she’s there. She is seriously in love with the other children and has a very special bond with one of her two teachers. She comes home HAPPY even when she doesn’t nap much.

  3. How very thoughtful of your friend to frame that print for you. It does not surprise me in the slightest that you have such lovely people in your life.

    Sorry to hear that you’re in a difficult situation with child care. We have The Bean in a small home daycare which as I know I’ve said multiple times, we are very happy with. He was 12 months when he started there. I like that he’s around other children and getting the social interaction, but at the same time, I don’t think I’d want him in a large centre. I like knowing that there is ONE person there who is responsible for him and who is totally aware of how he is doing etc. Different things work for different children though.

    Third, I love that you and Jax are making time for each other. So, so important.

    Hope B is letting you get some sleep.

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