photo challenge, 6

From a low angle:

* This was the perfect photo challenge assignment for our big project this weekend. We took down B’s almost.entirely.unused crib (it took us eight months of living with an infant to feel comfortable doing so with no crib in the house) and moved the glider into our bedroom to make his room into a (except the walls) playroom. B goes for the same off-limits things everyday – computer cords, cat toys, books he could shred… stuff like that – and I hate always having to say (or communicate by moving him away) “no.” I wanted there to be somewhere in our house where, though he’ll always be supervised when he plays, he isn’t restrained or rerouted. We still have some work to do before that’s completely true (putting safety latches on the dresser drawers, for example), but the photo above is Bram’s room now, taken from his vantage point in the world. It has soft floor baskets full of toys, pillows and blankets to climb on, board books he can read or eat at will, baskets full of blankets and burp cloths to pull out and unfold, and (for a small house) lots of wide open space. I think we’ll have tons of fun in there.

Bonus “from a low angle” shot by J. Our boy, he likes to climb.


2 thoughts on “photo challenge, 6

  1. When G was still crawling and Mama desperately needed to sleep (more than sleeping when the baby slept, I would pull the futon mattress on the floor and create little barricades around the edge of the living room; so he could roam safely while I slept. What was sweet is that he would periodically crawl over to me to check in. I think he felt safe having me so close and on his level. Those were sweet times. :)

  2. I’ve thought about this story so much this week, as I have a terrible flu, and my play with B seems to consist largely of taking a pillow to the floor and sort of watching him play. I love imagining G coming to check on you as he played around you. Even the sounds he made must have been comforting as you rested.

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