photo challenge, 8


7am. Bram tries to escape while mama + pomo get dressed for the day.

* Sorry for the photo challenge delay; we have been sicksicksick up in here. I’ve had (since Tuesday) the nastiest virus I’ve almost ever had (I can think of two flus that were worse): constant low-to-mid-grade fever, a cough that sounds (and feels) like torture, at least one bruised rib, a scratchy throat, full, painful ears, and all manner of cold and hot flashes. And as I’m sure most of our readers know, being sick when you’re at home with a kid is not the netflix-marathon, sleep-away-the-day, rest-fest of sick days of old. And the even WORSE (much much worse) news is that – though thankfully J has managed to avoid it so far – B’s immune system finally caved on Saturday. Our sweet sweet boy spiked a fever of 104, sending us (per our on-call physician’s urging) to the emergency room, where B was treated with both tylenol and ibuprofen, the dyes from which made him MANIC all night long. So: super-sick super-hyper near-toddler. Heartbreaking hell. J has been a care-taking trooper, but I think she needs us to heal already. We’re trying to oblige. The baby just wants to be in wraps/arms today, which despite my lingering ickiness, I am more than happy to make happen. More from a hopefully.healthier place tomorrow. Hope you’re all staying strong amidst the onslaught of autumnal germs!


4 thoughts on “photo challenge, 8

  1. Oh, no. The only thing worse than two mamas having this is a pregnant mama! Hope you’re already feeling better as you read this.

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