photo challenge, 9


  • This doesn’t look very autumnal (I should probably have saved it for the “shadows” day, since that’s what I really love about this), but all the peaches have fallen from the peach tree, so summer is officially gone. This is my favorite little corner of my favorite walk in our neighborhood. The family that lives here is super sweet, and they let us pick peaches when they’re in season. This year was rough peach weather – it was good, really, only for tomatoes and hot peppers – so we never actually got one, but all summer, as they blossomed and grew, I would walk B under the limbs, and we’d reach up and feel them. I love teaching him things (how fruit grows, how to make paella, how to take care of animals), and it really doesn’t matter to me how much (or little) he’s taking in. Though someone said to me recently that babies understand much more than we give them credit for: that we should take how much we think they grasp and double it. I love that. I don’t want to sell this person short just because he’s small.
  • We’re all STILL SICK, but J and B are getting better. I’m fighting a secondary sinus infection that set in after the flu. I’m being pretty wimpy about it since, at this point, it’s been nearly two weeks, and also since before this it had been two years since I’d been sick, so I’d started to feel naively invincible. Anyway, J is taking B to the library this afternoon to give me a bit of downtime, so I think I’ll write another blog post today. I’ve been so absorbed by B’s cough, and my exhaustion, and a mountain of looming dissertation and job application deadlines that I haven’t felt as in the present as I try to be. But I recently saw this post over at Love Invents Us, and it made me want to shift my focus. So stay tuned for a “What I’m Loving Right Now” post later today. There’s plenty to go on that list.

3 thoughts on “photo challenge, 9

  1. Sinus… that’s my nemesis. I can strongly recommend the somewhat disgusting folk remedy of gargling and snorting salt water. About a teaspoon of salt to a cup of water (boiled then allowed to cool to lukewarm). Our ENT also swears by a nasal spray called Iliaden (don’t know if you get it there) that opens everything up and allows the gunk to drain. Hope you feel better soon.

    • It’s totally my nemesis too, but I do that! I actually use a neti pot twice and day everyday. I think that’s why I so rarely get sick. This beast, though, won for awhile. I’m healing, though! Hope you’re well over there; I’ll write once I’m through this first wave of applications. (I wish there was a job possibility in SA.)

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