what i’m loving right now

1. That it’s boot and sweater weather. This is made all the more delightful by the sight of my little boy in sweaters and sweater vests and little turtleneck onesies. I am a fall + winter girl right down to the tips of my wool sock ensconced toes, so this moment – being right at the outset of cold nights and bonfires and the first snowfall – is the level best. Here B and I are, sweatered and sweater-vested respectively.

2. Surprises! When I finished a draft of my dissertation a few weeks back, J decided to surprise me. She consulted with a fellow babywearing mama, and ordered me a size 3 (shorty!) Didymos Ruby/Mandarin Indio. It came last week, and I could not be more in love. Here’s the magical part: I never would have chosen Ruby for myself. I’ve loved her when I’ve seen her, but I’ve always assumed (in that vain way we self-limit) that I couldn’t pull off her deep orange and red. My wife had no such doubts, and she was right. It’s beautiful, and B and I have gotten great at ruck (which is the easiest back carry, especially with a short wrap). Here’s my wrap stash, with Ruby to the far left. Below that: B in Ruby. We’re both sick here, but we’re still happy to be snugged up together.

3. Watching J & B together. At 8 1/2 months, Bram just gets more and more fun to be around. And this little boy adores his pomo; sometimes I get choked up just watching them love one another. Here they are together on a Saturday morning a few weeks back.

4. Bram’s curiosity. This little boy wants to see everything. To hold everything. He hates to sleep (this is not on my love list) because he just can’t bear to miss a moment. Here are a couple of photos of our little watcher. In the second of these, he’s reading Gertrude Stein. Bonus thing-to-love: the somewhat goofy stage he’s in right now. Look at the focused expression on his sweet face!

5. New friends. Here Bram is with his new friend Tristan, whose mama is my new friend. This stay-at-home gig has been isolating, and most of my close parent friends (at least the ones with kids B’s age) live in other states. I’ve been thrilled to make this new friend, and Bram has been thrilled too! Tristan is teaching him to spidey-crawl. He’s a little over two months older than B, so he’s basically a big kid.

6. Bram’s body. His perfect, growing, soft, still-sweet-smelling body. And his breath. And his muscles as they move, determinedly, unwilling to be bested by any task. I love this little body. I love that these are the same shoulders and hands and feet that I touched when he took his first breath, and that they’ll be the same shoulders and hands and feet that he’ll use to ride his first bike, and to hold his first love, and to walk into classrooms, and to maybe hold his own children some day. I love the continuity of his body. And I love being one of its first guardians.

7. The people who are getting me through this application process: my bestest bestest friend C, and J, and my incredibly giving dissertation director. I don’t have a photo for this, but man-oh-man are these people necessary. I should bake them all cakes.

8. The people who brought us soup during this sickness. Dude: there is nothing nicer than bringing soup to sick parents. I plan to do it regularly from now on.

9. Friday Night Lights. We just finished the last season (it took us awhile) on Netflix, and y’all: if you haven’t watched this show, you should. I mean, you should. It is possible that it’s moved into position as my all.time.favorite. These families (because really: it’s about families not football), they’re human in ways that make you feel like you’re touching something just by watching. Friday Night Lights. I know what precious little television time we all get as parents, folks; I would not steer you wrong.


9 thoughts on “what i’m loving right now

  1. Love this post. I sometimes just stare at my daughter, in awe, overwhelmed by the privilege of raising her and launching her into the world and also because she is just so beautiful. They change so fast, you have to live in the moment (as you well know), because by next week you might have a completely different kid! This is true of babies especially but here we are dealing with being 10 and becoming a tween and I’m constantly amazed at how some things just suddenly seem to click for her, and off she goes in a new and hitherto unexplored direction.

    Good luck with the applications, it sounds like a brutal and daunting process.

  2. Ha! We already have a stash of smartwool socks for EJ once her feet get bigger (one of my wife’s obsessions), though we had to give up on turtlenecks since there’s not enough space between shoulders and chin for any kind of fabric. :) One day I hope we have a little boy because baby boys in shorts are the best. Just, the best.

  3. Love this post. Makes me want to make my own list – or atleast journal one – especially on days when I feel down and need to get my eyes back in the present beauty. I get you on all of these. Good stuff. Heart stuff.

    p.s. Really like “White Collar”. Will put Friday NIght Light’s on my list!

  4. Love all these loves.

    I’m intrigued by the new wrap (now something we need, given all our carrying devices, but a new baby needs some new baby things, perhaps). And agree 500% with the beautiful baby bodies comment.

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