photo challenge, 14


I’m cheating a little by posting a photograph that I did not take today. In fact, this was one of the very first photographs I ever took of J (so: it was awhile ago). But when I read today’s prompt I thought of this image, and of how my now-wife’s slate-colored eyes were the first thing I noticed about her.

* When I think of those early months, I think of “I Was Made For Sunny Days,” by The Weepies, which a fellow blogger (Isa over at Small Obsessions) gave me during J’s pregnancy.

These lyrics in particular get at how I feel about J, and our marriage, and how far we’ve come together as an us:

I found a book you gave me
when we were first in bloom.
When I thought that you might save me
from the dark side of the moon.

Instead we both went walking
through the shadows and the gloom;
and we never did stop talking,
and you still light up the room.

* As of yesterday, we are officially prospective adoptive parents in waiting. There isn’t a baby yet, no prospective birth mom. We’re still calling our son- or daughter-to-be Sailor. We are committed to open adoption (I would find a closed adoption heart-wrenching, so I pray to the gods that we never have to face that), and we’re hopeful that a birth mother might be called to place her child with our family in the months to come. We’ve been encouraged to let our family and friends know that we are home-study certified, which we did today (and which I’m doing now, of course). These days, many adoptions happen because someone knows someone looking to make a plan for her baby. We are interested in infant adoption anywhere in the US and we have an online profile that women can read if they’re interested. If you know someone, please put her in touch with us. Even if we’re not the right family for her, we’d love to be of service in whatever way possible. More soon on all of this (our typically obsessive level of processing, no doubt), but that’s all for now.


4 thoughts on “photo challenge, 14

  1. **LOVE** those lyrics! And I get them. completely. I’m also excited about your adoption journey. I’ve always thought that I’d have a child by womb (Gods willing) and then adopt one. Turns out the one I adopted came first (my eldest stepdaughter). I love how y’all keep yourselves so open to things. I love y’all!

  2. Aww..glad you like that song! It’s one of my favorites, and still makes me get, well, weepy every time I hear it. It’s going to be bad this spring when we do have someone running around (potentially) in a jacket with too-long sleeves and I just break into random bouts of joyful tears… Also completely excited about the adoption journey you two are on. I hope it’s a smooth one, and that Sailor comes home just when the time is right.

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