bram grows!

Having a new baby on the way makes me hyper aware of all the things I haven’t gotten to yet, like posting our monthly BRAM GROWS! photos to the blog. Since I haven’t done this since he was four-months-old (mama fail), here are months five through nine.

Five months:

Six months:

Seven months:

Eight months:

Nine months:

As is evident, B has become increasingly unwilling to just sit for photos. He is wiggly, squirmy, delighted, and ever-moving.

As of his nine-month well-baby visit, he is twenty-one-and-a-half pounds (the 77th percentile for boys; the 50th for boys his height) and thirty inches tall (the 95 percentile for boys), with an eighteen inch noggin.

He climbs the stairs now with no assistance (though his parents obsessively spot him), cruises everywhere, and takes great pleasure in letting go of whatever he’s holding on to, swaying for a moment, and falling. He also adores the feeling of the air filter fan blowing on his face, and of being faux-dropped from above my head. I fear he will like adrenaline as much as his sky-diving pomo.

He has loved BLW, and he eats three meals a day now, which consist largely of butternut squash, sweet potato, apples, bananas, carrots, avocados, red-skinned potatoes, grapes, pears, peas (which he’s not yet great at grasping), and (as of this morning) gluten-free oatmeal with applesauce.

His laugh recently changed: when he laughs now (which is often) he sounds like a kid and not an infant. It’s still the best sound in the world.

He and Hades are mad for one another. Bram always offers Hades food when H walks by while B’s eating, and the other night, when we had to snot-suck a very congested Bramble, Hades attacked me (bit me hard and tugged my arm away) because he thought I was hurting Bram. It melts me heart.

We’ve recently transitioned to a loose nap schedule (still baby-led, but these times seem to work) of 10am and 2pm, and a bedtime of around 7 (or that’s when the rituals start, at least). B still nurses A. LOT. in the night, which is worrisome since J hopes to exclusively nurse Sailor, but she’s doing lots of research, and I know we’ll find the right answer for our family. B starts out the night (when J first nurses him down) in a toddler mattress on the floor right next to our bed, but since he wakes up several times in the two or so hours we’re up after him, he’s usually in our bed by the time we’re solidly there. We hope to transition him more and more to his toddler mattress over the next couple of months, though we won’t co-sleep with Sailor at first because co-sleeping with newborns still makes us nervous. We plan to set the porta-crib back up, probably on my side of the bed, and see what happens.

B is UNDONE with delight every time he sees another baby, older or younger. He’s pretty much not afraid of anything, though the cows at the pumpkin patch scared him a bit, especially the one with the audacity to “moo” and stick out her tongue.

He is still every bit as earnest as he was in those early months. He’s also adventurous, brave, sweet, and snuggly. He’s just a wonder.


5 thoughts on “bram grows!

  1. I met a little boy last weekend who is almost Bram’s age and I looked at him thinking “So this is what Bram is like now”. :-) His dad is a single parent, amazing guy.

  2. What a big boy! It sounds like things are going well and I’m sure you’ll figure out what works in terms of nursing (how awesome that J will potentially be able to nurse Sailor!). I love watching this little guy grow up and can’t wait for him to become a brother!

  3. Very cute photos. When I looked at the first three I was thinking ‘gee Bram really likes that bear’ then it suddenly clicked. Doh! Great idea to have a prop both to see his size change in comparison and also to give him something to play with once he gets bored of just sitting looking adorable.

  4. Wow – B is significantly bigger than G (she was 18.6 pounds at her 12 month and 28.75 inches!). What a beautiful boy he is. I’m so glad eating solids is going so well.

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