naming a sailor


Saul Spencer Wyatt G.

Saul: Hebrew for “asked for” or “prayed for.” Namesake: Saul Alinsky.

Spencer: My (R’s) step-dad, who we lost to cancer seven years ago. He should be here to know these boys. He would have cooked them delicious food and taken them out for ice cream, whether they were wearing shoes or not.

Wyatt: An important name to L, and therefore an important name to us.

* How incredible is Jenn’s work?! I am in love with these stockings, and I hope I get to live for a long, long, long time so I can get them out for a long-life’s worth of winters.

** In order to help us maintain some semblance of anonymity, please don’t write our first names (J’s and R’s) anywhere searchable on this blog.

*** I am way way grateful for your comments on my last post. I’ll respond to you all tomorrow, but for now: so much thanks. You are all better than a hug or hot chocolate.


12 thoughts on “naming a sailor

  1. Gasp! So beautiful. The name, the stockings. I’m thinking of these stockings being hung up year after year as your boys grow. Thank you for sharing this joy.

  2. I love that both your boys will have these strong namesakes to follow in the footsteps of. Are Saul and Bram both Hebrew names? Is that meaningful in your family, or just coincidental? Either way, it’s another lovely choice, and wonderful that you got to work through the naming process with L.

  3. Saul!!! I love it – in fact, I’m about to cry it’s so beautiful. Love the name, love my new nephew already, and love that I’ll get to see you, J, and B this week when I’m home!

  4. I love the thought and thoughtfulness that has gone into choosing your boys’ names.

    We are still trying to decide what to call our girl. I think we’re getting closer though. We will do the same as we did for The Bean –a name we love for the first name and a grandparent’s name for the second name.

    Also, the stocking are gorgeous. We’re holding out on getting one for Sprout until her name has been decided. If she comes before Christmas this year, she’ll likely share a stocking with Mo (our kitty).

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