.ten things for ten months.

My ten favorite things about ten months:

* Turning the corner on daytime naps and night-wakings. Hello again, sleep my old friend.

* Waving hello and goodbye. Heart melting.

* Watching Bram watch big kids in order to learn more about his world.

* Yoga for the almost walking set.

* Almost walking!

* The patience and desire to finish every last morsel of dinner.

* The desire to share dinner with the cats (where chicken is, of course, welcomed, but broccoli takes more convincing) ;-)

* Big unexpected bear hugs and snuggles. This kid has gotten so good at throwing his arms around your neck and nestling in. Again, heart melting.

* His ability to still seem like a little baby when his 23 pound self is nursing sweetly in my arms.

* His newly found desire to fall asleep in the car (see #1)

And a bonus eleventh thing: Getting to do all of this over again starting in only eight (or so) weeks!

And a few recent shots of his adorableness. The first is of B helping me to prepare a mother hubbard squash and the second is of B showing off his bookish side at the optometrist (there for me, not for B):


8 thoughts on “.ten things for ten months.

  1. What a fun time! Seems like ages ago for me – yet not. Makes me want to do more writing about Gunnar as he grows – a good reminder that there is so much that happens each year, each month, each day, each moment.
    p.s. big fan of hugs as well :)

  2. Hey, read your post yesterday and wanted to pop by to see how y’all are doing. If you are giving the password out to read protected posts, I’d love to read them. If not though, I completely understand. Praying for all of you. xo

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