christmas 2012

The thing about community is, there’s always joy to be found.

There’s always hardship too because, you know, communities are full of living people and living isn’t always easy, but there is always always wonderment to be found in some corner of every community, and our little blog world is no different. On the home front, this has been a complex Christmas: full of the delight of a near-toddler opening his first gifts and the low of sorrow over our sweet baby. But alongside this roller coaster – the kind of roller coaster Yogi’s Mama describes sweetly here – two breathtakingly wonderful and right things happened. So this Christmas – with J and B at a friend’s house for dinner and me at home because I just couldn’t manage company tonight – I am taking a break from the sorrow just long enough to honor those things, and to offer a few photos of our sweet Bramble Bug and his first-ever winter holiday.

These two bits of goodness are especially delightful because they happened on the same day, because they complement each other so perfectly, and because they happened to two of my absolute favorite bloggers: Olive and Allison.

The first is that Olive at Insert Metaphor Here got the magical news – on Christmas Eve of all magical times – that she is expecting their second child, Goldie’s little brother or sister. Read this news here, and lift a glass to Olive and Fern for their hard-earned bravery and their openness throughout this TTC process. We all carry battle scars of some kind or another, and these amazing mamas carry plenty when it comes to the hardships of infertility. This BFP is all the more glittering for the daring risk it took to seek it out.

The second is the joyful news that Allison over at Two Moms To Be just gave birth to their second child: a perfect, tiny daughter to be sister to their sweet, sweet son. You can read this joyful news here. Like Olive and Fern, Allison and Jen are wonderful, inspiring parents, and their new daughter is so, so blessed to call them her moms. I am thrilled by this Christmas Eve arrival, and I can’t wait to read all about this new, sweet child as she grows into herself, and as this family learns itself anew through her.

All of this sweetness makes the sadness a bit easier to bear, as do photos of B’s first Christmas – spent quietly at home with his mama, pomo, and bubbie – which I leave you with now. Peaceful days to you all, wherever you are. Thank you for holding our hands through the pain and welcoming us into the sweetness time and again, and for allowing us to do the same for you. I’ve decided there’s exactly one thing that matters, and that’s kindness. This community brings that in spades.

So, photos:

My first ever (as an adult) Christmas tree: small and high this year because of our boy and his resilient devotion to putting everything in his mouth, but J has promised me a real tree for B’s second Christmas.


The sweetest handmade heart – truly, its slight weight carries the love of a hundred hearts – from our beloved Laura at greensteeped.


One of three perfect gifts from Olive at Insert Metaphor. This one is a sailboat for our sweet baby Saul, who is still our Sailor.


Olive’s second gift: a star for our beloved E.


And her third: a rabbit with the most delightful face for our Rabbit River.


Finally, this delicate copper heart from our dear JE. It’s open at the bottom. I told Bram that was to let all the love of the world inside.


Our overalls-clad boy – thank you, dearest Kelley – opening his first-ever wrapped gift on Christmas Eve.


For my whole life, my mom has bought me Christmas Eve jammies. Every year. This is the awesomeness that happened this year. And yeah: those are butt-flaps.


The night before Christmas, after the boy went to bed.


Bramble and his big present from us – a Waldorf doll named Rudy.


Bram wearing Rudy for the first time in the same sling our beloved doula/friend JE’s boys wore their babies in when they were this little (which wasn’t all that long ago):


Bram and Rudy. B clearly knows how to do this.


Our sweet boy and the (handmade) pushcart his bubbie got him. He is in love.


Boy, bubbie, pushcart, Velveteen Rabbit, and (fast moving) organic felted wool ball:


B and the music table his sweet Grandmom sent from the south:


Love to you all.


11 thoughts on “christmas 2012

  1. I cannot get over how precious B’s mini-sling is. There are no words to describe this. :D
    Good for you for seeing the light around you in your darkness. It is always surrounding us. Sometimes we see it most in the dark. One of the best tips given me was to grab a favorite blanket, picture it as God(s) love, wrap yourself in it, and cry all that you need to.
    Looks like B got some great gifts. We got a lot of mileage out of the same music table – enjoy! Bebes (bay-bays) make the holidays so delightful.
    Love y’all SO much!
    Hugs, prayers and light…

  2. This post warms my heart. That sailboat ornament (*all* the ornaments, really, and I’m honored to feel myself “with” these), Bram with Rudy, how on-the-go he looks standing at that pushcart, those hilariously adorable pajamas (I accidentally wrote that as “pajamamas” at first, and it kind of feels appropriate!)…

    On how “there’s exactly one thing that matters, and that’s kindness” — my mom and I had a long talk about this once. We agree :)

  3. What a sweet set of pictures! We also have a small, high tree this year–I am so looking forward to 2013 and the big tree I hope to have. It’s a strange metaphor for what am hoping for next year, but a true one. Merry Christmas!

  4. Those pj’s are priceless! That will be a picture to look back on for years to come! I’m glad you were able to find some peace and happiness amidst all the heart ache this christmas. Saul will always be your sailor, no matter where he is. Continue the kindness onto one another, and allow small amounts of joy to flood your heart – I’m sure B gives you large amounts!

  5. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. There is so much warmth and beauty in them…and community and homey goodness. I love that he is wearing the doll in a tiny sling! Amazing idea. Thinking of you all and hoping the peace and kindness to and for each other continue to light up your days – amidst everything else.

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