.birthday boy.


This kid. I just adore the hell out of him. And I can’t hardly believe that he’s a whole year old! It seems like just yesterday we were dizzy with the newness of this little creature in our family. What lucky moms we are to have such a sweet little boy. I’m at work right now, so I don’t have time for a proper post. In lieu of thought-provoking insights, I’ll just say that Bram is finally on the mend after two weeks of illness (RSV followed by croup followed by ear infections — poor bug). It’s so nice to see him back to his joyful self. And that self is careening into toddler hood at lightning pace! We’ve had a few tentative steps (all while mommies were looking elsewhere, of course), and he’s starting to pick up signs at a steady clip. We had a big one-year birthday party planned, but we had to cancel because of his illness. Still, we had my Dad and Kelley in town from down south, and R’s mom drove up for the day, so we had a very nice family affair. B ate up all of the grandparent attention! Here he is pictured with a most excellent drum that my mom sent for his birthday – this thing really has a great sound. R and I also found B a beautiful handmade wooden kitchen, which he loves to crawl inside of (oddly enough). We’ll post more pictures and updates soon, but I just wanted to check in with a big “hello” to the blog world.

All good things,




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