just to be sure, there’s happy too

Bram’s first time sledding:


One year in, still (or once again) us. And dating (each other, of course)!:


Pomo + Bramble + Mama (at B’s one-year-well-baby):


One year down. Now bring on this sweet second year we keep hearing about! (And thanks thanks thanks for all of your words of late.)


8 thoughts on “just to be sure, there’s happy too

  1. I usually just read, but felt moved to post this- I have followed you since before your son was born. I cheered for you, and Saul’s birthday is the day before mine, so I cheered again for you three. I am writing my dissertation now, so I get the realities and the OMG parts of your life. . .you were and are one of the most amazing couples I have ever “met” (you know online is kind of weird but I feel like I know you) but I digress. . .

    I am hoping and meditating (I am Jewish but um conflicted so I can’t say praying) that your family reaches your Zen. . .and I am and will be. . .Team Blossom. . .

    As a BA and MA in Sociology, I LOVE the completely wonderful dynamic of your family. . .and want only the bestfor you all:)


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