.words for caemon.

Devastatingly, we learned yesterday that beautiful Caemon of C is for Crocodile lost his nearly six-month battle with a rare form of childhood leukemia. He was only three years old. I can’t imagine the pain and despair that his moms must be feeling after so many months of fighting and hoping. R had the idea that we might take some time away from blogging this week as a way to symbolize that there are no words for this kind of loss. In losing Emmett and Saul, it was painful (for a time) to see the world go on about its normal rhythms as our lives were so utterly transformed by grief. And I cannot imagine the exponentiality of losing a child you’ve spent years loving and parenting. R said earlier, “when there’s truly nothing to say, silence can be such a powerful tool.”

And so we lift up our hearts and healing thoughts to Jodi, Timaree, and their extended family and friends as they walk through this first impossible day without their perfect son.


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